Sunday, July 1, 2012

I'm 6 full months in to my weight loss mission!  I started on January 1st at 188 or so lbs.  I probably hadn't weighed myself in over a year to tell you the truth.  I used to think if my clothes fit okay then I must be maintaining my weight well.  Man was I completely wrong!  I was squeezing myself into my size 12 jeans, on the verge of moving up to a 14 (gasp).  I had NO energy to do anything, and getting up in the morning was a chore.  

Starting on New Years wasn't some kind of resolution to lose weight.  It was a decision to completely change my lifestyle.  I knew it would be hard and that it wouldn't happen over night.  I think the thing that really got me going was seeing this picture that Seth took that day when we were out with the neighbors.

(Ugh- my stomach actually looks like it's sticking out farther than my boobs)

Yep, That's my before pic.  No big suprise that I would head straight to the gym after seeing that one.  

I really did.   

And I signed up for a personal trainer, with a one year contract, that's how serious I was. 
At the end of January I bought a Body Media Fit Link armband to track my calorie burn.
I've also been using different websites to help achieve my goals. 
Of course the #1 is my bodymedia trackers and phone app.  I'll post more about that one later.
2. Sparkpeople - a free website with food logs, fitness plans, weight and measurement trackers.  There are also message boards, and you can set up your own blog.  It's such a great site!
3. Withings- I bought the withings scale for myself for Mother's Day.  I love it because it tracks everything and it automatically updates via wi-fi. 

It's been slow going, but in 6 months I've lost about 26lbs. 

25 lbs lost

I've just decided to step it up a notch.  This past week has looked like this:
Monday- No workout, (Essure procedure)only ate about 790 calories, total calorie burn was 2549
Tuesday- took it easy and did 30 mins on the elliptical, cal burn 2683
Wednesday- Woke up at 5 and walked 2 miles, then did JM shred it with weights.  Elliptical after work 35 min. ate 960 cal- total burn 3108
Thursday- Training day- 15 mins on the elliptical, and walked for an hour around the 'hood.  Ate 1244 cal, and burned 2921
Friday- rest day (ate too much at Friday dinner, blah) cal burn 2440
Saturday- JM shred it with weights, C25K w1d1, Cal burn 2955, and cal in was 1854
Sunday(today)- JM shred ww (upped weight from 3 to 5lb), C25K w1d2, and 35 min on elliptical, est. burn 2928

I'm planning on doing the C25K and JM shred ww every day this week.  I won't have a training appointment until next week.