Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I recently put a no soliciting sign on our door, hoping to deter the people who come daily trying to sell us things. Well apparently some people don't get it. A girl came to the door today with a bottle of some kind of cleaner in her hand. I asked if she saw the sign that is posted right under the peephole in big red letters, and she said "oh, I'm not selling anything, but if I told you that you could save tons of money on cleaning supplies every year....." I said, "No thanks" and shut the door.
I guess I'm going to have to print out the definition and post that right under the sign I already have. Or better yet, I need to find a picture sign, for those who are illiterate.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Terrible Two's???

Okay, so we're coming up on Hunter's 3rd birthday and I'm starting to realize that things are just getting crazier. Last night Hunter got ahold of the suncreen and squeezed it out all over their bathroom. It was on the floor, bathtub, cabinet, and the bath seat I use when I give Rylie a bath. Then this afternoon he was in our bathroom squeezing toothpaste all over (and of course it was a brand new tube!)

Also lately he's been wanting scissors. I should have put them away when he wasn't looking, because he decided to climb up on th counter and get them. They were hidden in the cabinet above the microwave over the stove. He was playing with them when I came home from the store.

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