Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going Green and A Giveaway!!!!

I've been trying to do my part to help out the Earth.

I bought about 10 of those reusable bags for shopping. I really like using them because they don't rip open like the plactic ones always do. Now I just need to remember them every time I go to the store.

We recycle. At least we do try to recycle. We have separate trash cans and as long as the kids don't get confused about which is which we do pretty well. I also use the plastic grocery bags that I wind up with as trash bags for the bathrooms.

We carpool. Why drive 2 cars to go to the same place of work?

Recently I was contacted by someone from Ecostore USA about doing a review and a giveaway. I feel terrible that it has taken me this long to get it up. Life has been really crazy lately, with a side of writers block.

They sent me a set of their Vanilla shampoo and conditioner to try. I love it! It has no nasty chemicals, and it leaves my hair just as soft as my normal shampoo.

They have all kinds of green products on their website, and if you live near a Meijer store you can get it there as well. April is Earth Month and as a special treat all orders on their website over $25 qualify for free shipping!

You can enter to win a set of Vanilla shampoo and conditioner! Just check out the Ecostore USA website and tell me which product(s) you think you'd like to try. Then leave me a comment and make sure I have a way to contact you.

You can get also get 1 additional entry for each of the following things, leave an additional comment for each.

Follow me

Twitter the giveaway and include the link in the comment.

Follow me on Twitter.

That simple.

Entries close at 5:00 pm pacific time on Sunday April 19th and I'll draw the winner by 9:00 pm. Good Luck!

***4/24- Clearly I cannot handle the extra work that is a giveaway. I finally got around to picking the winner, it was Cynthia. I used, haha, for the whole 5 entries that I had. Thank you for you guys who entered. I've been so bad about not doing ANYTHING lately.***

Keeping the Doctors in Business

I didn't expect to be paying a Dr's car payment last week.

I took Hunter for his 4 year well-child visit 2 weeks ago tomorrow. He was completely fine. Doing great. No copay (which is MY favorite part). I think the doctor may have even made a comment like he's a perfect average child, percentile wise.

He got his shots. I'm such a bad mom, I forgot his shot record because I didn't think he even needed shots. He did great though, such a brave boy.

Saturday morning we wake up, and he's complaining about his tongue hurting. Just 2 days after the Dr. visit. I finally figured out that he meant to say he had a sore throat. And it was so sore he didn't even want to drink.

Back to the doctor we went. $20 copay. Strep test was neg.(bill for that to follow), but antibiotics were prescribed.

Sunday Rylie started grabbing at her throat. That night she didn't sleep well at all, and Monday she was definitely NOT feeling well.

Back to the doctor we went. Another $20 copay. Antibiotics wer prescribed.

Thursday I took them to the dentist. A shocking $75 copay. Hunter got his teeth cleaned and hooray for no cavities! Rylie was completely uncooperative, and the dentist counted her teeth and said it didn't look like she had any cavities. Yay.

Friday I got a call from daycare. Rylie hurt her arm and was inconsolable. I ran over there and checked on her (I was out on my route about 1/2 mile away). She was hurting so bad, it didn't appear to be nursemaid's elbow. I tried the trick to pop it back in and she just kept crying. I decided to leave work and....

Back to the doctor we went. Another $20 copay. She couldn't tell exactly what was the problem, so she gave us an order for an X-ray.

We get to the X-ray place and she's climbing all over the place like nothing ever happened (little stinker). I crossed our names off the list and left. I have paid my dues and I'll expect to NOT have to visit any doctors anytime soon. (Oh, except for Rylie's 2 year checkup next week............and it begins all over again.)