Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Keeping the Doctors in Business

I didn't expect to be paying a Dr's car payment last week.

I took Hunter for his 4 year well-child visit 2 weeks ago tomorrow. He was completely fine. Doing great. No copay (which is MY favorite part). I think the doctor may have even made a comment like he's a perfect average child, percentile wise.

He got his shots. I'm such a bad mom, I forgot his shot record because I didn't think he even needed shots. He did great though, such a brave boy.

Saturday morning we wake up, and he's complaining about his tongue hurting. Just 2 days after the Dr. visit. I finally figured out that he meant to say he had a sore throat. And it was so sore he didn't even want to drink.

Back to the doctor we went. $20 copay. Strep test was neg.(bill for that to follow), but antibiotics were prescribed.

Sunday Rylie started grabbing at her throat. That night she didn't sleep well at all, and Monday she was definitely NOT feeling well.

Back to the doctor we went. Another $20 copay. Antibiotics wer prescribed.

Thursday I took them to the dentist. A shocking $75 copay. Hunter got his teeth cleaned and hooray for no cavities! Rylie was completely uncooperative, and the dentist counted her teeth and said it didn't look like she had any cavities. Yay.

Friday I got a call from daycare. Rylie hurt her arm and was inconsolable. I ran over there and checked on her (I was out on my route about 1/2 mile away). She was hurting so bad, it didn't appear to be nursemaid's elbow. I tried the trick to pop it back in and she just kept crying. I decided to leave work and....

Back to the doctor we went. Another $20 copay. She couldn't tell exactly what was the problem, so she gave us an order for an X-ray.

We get to the X-ray place and she's climbing all over the place like nothing ever happened (little stinker). I crossed our names off the list and left. I have paid my dues and I'll expect to NOT have to visit any doctors anytime soon. (Oh, except for Rylie's 2 year checkup next week............and it begins all over again.)


  1. Oy...that's a lot!

    We will be paying for some time. We don't even have copays...we pay out of pocket until like $5000!!!

  2. Ooo, the little stinker. We call that being "Michigan J. Frog"- you know the little cartoon frog with the top hat that only sings when no one is looking? That act has costs me 100 of dollars and alot of rolled-eyes at our doctors. "But I SWEAR, she was (fill in the blank) BEFORE we got here..." Bless your heart.

  3. Ugh, I hate it when they are so inconsolable you are SURE they are sick, and then nothing seems to be wrong at the doctor's office! No, really, Dr., I swear I'm not paranoid. Now we sort of have a time requirement for feeling ill--we're talking a few hours before we will think of taking them to a doctor if all they are doing is complaining of not feeling good. Now, acting really out of sorts and lethargic, that is a different thing!

  4. I have so had this week. And I've had fakers, too. In fact, just this morning my daughter said, "I can't breathe!" and she started wheezing to prove it.

    But I've heard that before, so I pretended her vitamin was medicine and that it would fix everything. And it did.

  5. Geez!!! When it rains, it pours, huh?

    I'm glad her arm ended up being okay and that they are feeling better. :)

  6. Yikes! It's weird how they can be perfectly healthy and then have a trillion issues in a few days.

    SOOO inconsiderate!

  7. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?