Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's almost summer.....

I was looking through pictures the other day and came across some videos of the kids from a couple of years ago. It made me realize that we really need to get the video camera out more because they are changing so fast and it's so hard to remember what they were like even just a year ago.
I love how they get along most of the time, and it's so funny to listen to them carry on a conversation like 2 adults. They talk about funny stuff too.Hunter is all registered for kindergarten. I think his school year starts on August 11 or something like that. I can't believe he's starting school already.
Rylie is turning into a helpful girl. They have been keeping their room clean lately and she is at the age of trying to help with everything. They both have the competitive genes, wanting to be the first one to the door everywhere we go. Then trying to be the first with the seat belt, and first to finish whatever. It's exhausting.
We had Rylie's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Her theme was princess and the frog. We had a bouncy house and the kids all had a lot of fun. It was really warm that day so they got to test out the new sprinkler she got for her birthday. My kids have not stopped wanting to play in the water every day since.Cuddlebug Babies is growing faster then I could have hoped or imagined. I have been so busy making baby stuff and monogramming for people that I don't have time for many of the things I used to, which mostly included too much computer and TV time anyway. I've added shopping carts to my Facebook fan page and I'm in the process of finding a new and functional website design. I can't seem to get everything to work on the websites I try, so it's taking me a while. It would probably help if I knew a little more about web building.
Seth has started a new hobby as well. He bought a Jet mini lathe and has been making pens out of wood. There are so many different things he can make with that tool, it's got endless possibilities.