Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trying something new.....

I decided to open up a shop on to hopefully make life easier for everyone. In case you don't know what Etsy is, it's an online mall sort of thing for all things that are handmade. You can find almost anything you're looking for there. If you've never been there, check it out. My store is under construction and pretty generic right now, but hopefully I'll have some time to make the layout a little more inviting.

So if you'd like to see what I have listed so far, here's the link to Cuddlebug Babies.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Project Updates

Seth has made some progress on his cedar chest. He got the cedar lined on the inside. He has a little more to do and then he'll be ready to put the lid on.

I found another blanket I had forgotten about. Actually I had the front panel all done, and it just needed a back. So I decided to go ahead and finish it with some flannel I had. I made a few of these blankets for some friends who had babies and most of them have said their kids still have them and sleep with them (and they are all around 6 or 7 by now).

I've also decided to sell it. So, it's up for grabs, anyone who wants it, it's yours for the bargain price of $30, payable through paypal. Just send me an e-mail and it's yours!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day #.......oh, who's even keeping track anymore?

I got Hunter's quilt done today.

The backing fabric that I'm using is really a love/hate kind of thing. I love that it's really forgiving so you can't see a lot of the stitching, but I hate that it's so stretchy, it makes it hard to keep everything lined up perfectly. Oh well, it's handmade right?

He woke me up this morning at 3 am. Said his stomach hurt. I'm such a good mom that I told him to go to the bathroom, and rolled over to go back to sleep. A few minutes later I heard him throwing up....right next to me on the bed. Good thing he hit it ALL on the pillow (and a spare one at that).
We decided to just stay home instead of going to the family dinner. There are other little kids and I didn't want to expose everyone to our germfest. I still had to cook some stuff to take over (since we live around the corner anyway), so I scrubbed my hands raw everytime I had to touch anything. A few years ago there were a bunch of us in the family that got sick the day after Christmas. I don't want a repeat of that year for sure.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's not ALL about me....

So I realized that lately I've been blogging about all of the really cool things that I've been making and I have left out how awesomely talented my husband is.

He's decided to make each of the kids a cedar chest for Christmas. (We are not at all competetive, so it's not like we're trying to out do each, they're going to need someplace to keep all of their things that I'll be making them).

He finally got the materials on Monday for one of them, so here's his project progress.....

Day one.....materials.

Day 2....some major progress

So maybe he will be able to get 2 done by Christmas.....

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm so not ever buying a Dell.....

Please go here to read all about my friend Kristen's issues with Dell, and leave her a lovley comment of support. I can not imagine.

I'll beg if I have to.....

Ok, so I really need some help from my friends. I need to get people to my Mary Kay site to get some orders by Friday. I will be able to get everything out in plenty of time for Christmas, but I need your help getting people to my blog. So here's the about my sale on your blog, then come and let me know about it, and even if you didn't buy anything I will still send you one of the gift with purchase sets- for free!!!!

Here's the website Sensational Skincare Shop
Thanks in advance.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 9...slight change of plans

I finished one of the quilts today. It has a name on it, but it's purposely hidden to help keep it a secret (in case anyone is checking in on here who shouldn't know.)I haven't had much of a chance to work on them this week, but I did get most of the fabric cut for the rest of the quilts. I have decided that the two jungle quilts will be okay in size, but the ones I'm making for the older kids should probably be a little bigger. Therefore I may not be able to make all 8 quilts. I'm hoping that I can get Joann's website to cooperate and sign up for their mailing list. If I can get some coupons, or just find some good sales, then I may be able to get some more fabric. I also have the option of finishing a couple of blankets that I had already started. I also found a baby quilt that I had finished (just needs to be tied) made with Debbie Mumm's Noah's Ark fabric. I think I may sell that one. It's a little wrinkled from being folded up in the cedar chest, but here's what that one looks like.

I used to make photo albums out of wood and paint them, and then I would decoupage things on them and people can use them for scrapbooks (12x12 and 8 1/2 x 11). I even made some small 6x6 ones for recipes also. I will have to see if I can find some pictures of those. I made a couple that were decorated to match the Noah's Ark quilt, but I sold both of those.

I also decided that I'm going to have a huge Pre-Thanksgiving Sale over on my other blog. I've been neglecting it because I just haven't really had the time. So if you are interested in getting a lot of stuff for close to half price (or getting some great Christmas gifts for people), hop on over. I will be doing a giveaway on the final day of the sale. It's starting tomorrow and you have to order and pay by midnight Thanksgiving night.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 6

I took the kids to the park for a little while to play with my new camera. It was an early Christmas present (so I can practice and maybe take some card-worthy pictures).

The quilts are slowly starting to come along. I have almost all of the squares cut for all 8 quilts. I took the squares that are getting names to the girl I know with the machine, so as soon as I get them back I can really start moving along. I think I'm taking a break until Saturday afternoon. It's pretty difficult to stay on top of everything.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 2- or 38 days

Wow, I managed to get a lot done.
This morning I woke up bright and early.
I got all of the fabric pressed.
I started with the monkey/jungle green fabric and got all of it cut into squares.
Yep, I'm making size quilts.
8 in total. 4 girls-Princess/Barbie, 2 boy-superhero/transformers, and 2 monkey/jungle.
Even for the bigger kids (huh, Hunter's the oldest at almost 4), I figured they would like the super soft fabric and maybe size won't matter so much.
I know a lady with an embroidery machine and I'm thinking of asking her to embroider each kid's name on their blanket before I put the backing on. Either that or their initials. I think it would look nice with their names though.
I had 2 little helpers all day, and neither one had a nap. Rylie chattered away in her room for almost an hour but never fell asleep.
I finished sewing the top of one of the monkey quilts.
I still have the rest of the fabric to cut, but after cutting the first set of fabric my poor wrist needed a break. All of the material I cut today was flannel.
I didn't do any kind of pattern, I just threw all of the squares in a bag and pulled them out one by one, so as long as I didn't get 2 in a row it was good. The picture is a little deceiving because there are some off white squares next to the light green backing material squares and they almost look the same in the picture.

I also managed to make an almond pound cake, and a loaf of pumpkin bread.

It was a busy day and now I'm beat. My eyes are very heavy and I'm hoping I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning......

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 1....or counting down- 39 days

I decided to do something handmade for Christmas gifts this year.
I decided this yesterday.

I may have lost my mind.

We only exchange gifts for the kids (once you're 18 you're out).

They do a drawing for the adults, but we usually sit out of that one.

There are 8 kids that I need gifts for.

That's a LOT of fabric.

JoAnn's was having a huge sale, which ended yesterday, so I just happened to get lucky.

So Day 1 I picked out the fabric and got it all prepped and washed.

I'll try to keep updating as I go (assuming I have time).

Wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it.

Friday, November 14, 2008


My good friend Shannon gave me these awards a couple of weeks ago and I am finally getting around to posting them. Thanks so much Shannon!

I'm not really sure if there are rules for the first award, I've seen it around but I can't remember.

Here are the characteristics of the Smile Award:

~You must display a cheerful attitude.
~You must show love to others.
~You must make mistakes.
~You must learn from others.
~You must be a positive contributor to blogging.
~You must love life.
~You must love kids.

Here are the rules for the Smile Award:

~You must link back to the award creator. (IDK who it is! Sorry!)
~You must post the rules if you are a recipient.
~You must choose 5 people to pass the award to.
~You must fit the characteristics of the award.
~You must post the characteristics of the recipient of the award.
~You must create a post sharing your win with others.
~You must thank the giver of the award.

Wow, I get to pass on these wonderful awards to some of my bestest bloggy friends!

I also recieved this award from Patrice! I am feeling the love with all of these awards! I swear, I think I'll take a break from blogging more often if that's what it takes for people to give me awards!

The only rule for this one is to pass it on to 10 blogs I love.

I think I'm going to add a twist for my recipients. I would really love to find some new blogs to read, and I know there are a few people who read my blog that either never or rarely comment and I don't know how to find your blog. So if you read this blog and you would like to share your blog with me so I can get to know you better, please do. Leave me a comment with your blog address and I will stop in to visit (and you'll know I've been there because I will comment). I will give you all a week, and on Thanksgiving I will post my recipients of all of my new favorites! Who knows, you may get some new readers from my readers too!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


*It's unbelieveble to me that I can't go one day without an internet connection without feeling like I'm completely disconnected. If I was travelling or something I would probably not notice as much, but being at home on a holiday with no internet connection was almost like torture.

*Yesterday the Direct TV guy finally came to install our system. To make a very long story as simple as possible, I'll just say that we've had the absolute worst customer service from Direct TV. The installation guys didn't do what we asked. Then they left and our cable internet didn't work. It was maddening. In total I've probably spent over 3 1/2 hours on the phone with them, including signing up, cancelling and re-signing up to change our order, then trying to get the internet resolved and they have not once made me feel like they even care if they get our business. I have gotten lots of "I'm sorry's", but also a ton of arguments and "we can't do that" for things that are simple, ie: placement of the dish, and hooking up certain rooms. I am about to tell them to take their cable and shove it.

*We actually got our internet back today due to the cable company guy coming out and fixing the was it was hooked up, but we still have some issues for the Direct TV guy to fix.

*My mom is here and I would venture to guess that she's probably not having the best time. Sorry Mom.

She has gotten a few pictures of the kids. She's also enjoying our near 80 degree temperatures as opposed to the 30's that they're having back home. Hunter has not exactly been nice about sharing his bed with her. The other morning he said, "Grandma, I want you to go home." I think it's because Grandma doesn't let him get away with as much as his parents do. What's wrong with that picture? I thought kids were supposed to be spoiled by their grandparents. I guess he really meant it, he told Seth he wanted Grandma to go home too. Poor Grandma.
She's tried really hard. She brought Hunter a little view finder and Rylie a little stuffed otter in a carrier (which Hunter decided to claim as his "dotter". So Grandma went and bought Rylie a little puppy in a purse (so cute!).

*Having a holiday in the middle of the week really throws things off. It was as if we had 2 Mondays in a row. At least the election is over so we don't have all of the political mail to deal with.

*I haven't managed to make it to the gym the last week or so. I am going to get back on track.

*I finally got a new pair of shoes. After searching Kohl's far and wide I finally found a pair on sale and my size (which was nothing short of a miracle since every other woman out here must wear a 7 1/2 and has the exact same taste in shoes as me). I don't remember if I mentioned my last pair of shoes....I bought a pair of sketchers in late August only to have them fall apart in less than 2 months. Kohl's kindly took them back with no problem, so I've been searching for a new pair since then.

*If you have little kids (especially my kids' ages) boy or girl, I highly recommend the Barbie Diamond Castle movie. I found it at Best Buy for $10 on sale a few weeks ago. Both of my kids love it. Hunter likes to sing along with all of the songs, and Rylie likes to dance and is mesmerized by it unlike any other movie we own.

*I've been catching up on movies the last couple of weeks. I've seen so many I'm not sure if I can remember which one's I've seen. Most are movies that have been out a while. A few I remember are: Batman Begins, The Illusionist, The Bourne Supremacy, Underworld and the sequel.

This has to be the most random post I've ever written. I will probably have more if I can't get back to blogging on a regular basis, so I'm going to apologize in advance.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know, I've been lame lately......

I still haven't found time to come back and post my top 5. I definitely will, I am planning on trying to make time tomorrow night.

We cancelled our cable last month, and it finally shut off last Friday (they don't seem to care about shutting it off the day you stop getting billed for it). You'd think that with no tv to watch (we only have one super fuzzy channel C-Span, yuck) I would have more time to blog. I guess no tv means more productive in general. We have been keeping up on the house, and I've been trying to get to the gym most days. I went early Monday morning, it was really packed.

The cloth diapers are working out great. I have figured out a good system, and I even came up with a solution to keep her from getting her diapers off all the time. It was getting really frustrating, and I finally decided that if I put them on backwards she wouldn't be able to get them off. I'm pretty sure I must have heard that from someone before and it finally caught up to me, whoever told me that, thank you.

I promise to come back tomorrow. Seth is wanting to watch a movie on netflix and our other computer is ill, so I feel like I should share mine with him. (I'm so generous, aren't I?)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday

As promised, I'm here with this weeks Top 5.

If you were expecting something election related.....sorry, I refuse to think about the election more than is necessary. I've had my fill of politics.

Instead we're going to think about having fun, and escaping to far off (or not) places.

This week, I want to know your top 5 places to see before you die, and what draws you there.

I will be back with mine later, for right now, it's your turn.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Well, I tried.....

I got an e-mail from my friend Rachael over at Mommy Learns to Blog. It was one of those forward it and reply things that I NEVER do (it's not that I don't like them, I just don't have time for all of them.....) .

Well, this time I actually took the time to do it. But it came into my e-mail on our desktop computer-the one I never use. I remembered why I never use it as I was getting ready to post the answers to my's slower than molasses. I was trying to do too many things at once and it just stalled too long. I have patience....let me tell you.....but I don't have that much patience!

So I was going to post it here, and not reply and forward because as much as I don't have time to do all that deciding who to send it to that won't mind (see I actually think about that kind of stuff) I thought you might all like to see my answers it would be something to blog about since I've got nothing lately.

I could blog about our Halloween instead.....because it was so fantastically unexciting it would bore you all to tears. To sum it up cranky kids, and mama with a big sinus headache.

I could also blog about going to the gym this week.....but wait.....I didn't. Well, I did on Monday, but that was it. The rest of the week just fell apart. I don't even know what happened to it. I am sort of thinking it was work that got in the way, but I'm not positive. I am turning over a new leaf tomorrow. I am going to force myself up at 5 in the morning and I'm going to go work out before work every day-no excuses.

I think I will leave you with a Top 5 Tuesday topic.

I want to know what are 5 places that are on your list of places you want to see before you die.

So until Tuesday.....