Wednesday, November 12, 2008


*It's unbelieveble to me that I can't go one day without an internet connection without feeling like I'm completely disconnected. If I was travelling or something I would probably not notice as much, but being at home on a holiday with no internet connection was almost like torture.

*Yesterday the Direct TV guy finally came to install our system. To make a very long story as simple as possible, I'll just say that we've had the absolute worst customer service from Direct TV. The installation guys didn't do what we asked. Then they left and our cable internet didn't work. It was maddening. In total I've probably spent over 3 1/2 hours on the phone with them, including signing up, cancelling and re-signing up to change our order, then trying to get the internet resolved and they have not once made me feel like they even care if they get our business. I have gotten lots of "I'm sorry's", but also a ton of arguments and "we can't do that" for things that are simple, ie: placement of the dish, and hooking up certain rooms. I am about to tell them to take their cable and shove it.

*We actually got our internet back today due to the cable company guy coming out and fixing the was it was hooked up, but we still have some issues for the Direct TV guy to fix.

*My mom is here and I would venture to guess that she's probably not having the best time. Sorry Mom.

She has gotten a few pictures of the kids. She's also enjoying our near 80 degree temperatures as opposed to the 30's that they're having back home. Hunter has not exactly been nice about sharing his bed with her. The other morning he said, "Grandma, I want you to go home." I think it's because Grandma doesn't let him get away with as much as his parents do. What's wrong with that picture? I thought kids were supposed to be spoiled by their grandparents. I guess he really meant it, he told Seth he wanted Grandma to go home too. Poor Grandma.
She's tried really hard. She brought Hunter a little view finder and Rylie a little stuffed otter in a carrier (which Hunter decided to claim as his "dotter". So Grandma went and bought Rylie a little puppy in a purse (so cute!).

*Having a holiday in the middle of the week really throws things off. It was as if we had 2 Mondays in a row. At least the election is over so we don't have all of the political mail to deal with.

*I haven't managed to make it to the gym the last week or so. I am going to get back on track.

*I finally got a new pair of shoes. After searching Kohl's far and wide I finally found a pair on sale and my size (which was nothing short of a miracle since every other woman out here must wear a 7 1/2 and has the exact same taste in shoes as me). I don't remember if I mentioned my last pair of shoes....I bought a pair of sketchers in late August only to have them fall apart in less than 2 months. Kohl's kindly took them back with no problem, so I've been searching for a new pair since then.

*If you have little kids (especially my kids' ages) boy or girl, I highly recommend the Barbie Diamond Castle movie. I found it at Best Buy for $10 on sale a few weeks ago. Both of my kids love it. Hunter likes to sing along with all of the songs, and Rylie likes to dance and is mesmerized by it unlike any other movie we own.

*I've been catching up on movies the last couple of weeks. I've seen so many I'm not sure if I can remember which one's I've seen. Most are movies that have been out a while. A few I remember are: Batman Begins, The Illusionist, The Bourne Supremacy, Underworld and the sequel.

This has to be the most random post I've ever written. I will probably have more if I can't get back to blogging on a regular basis, so I'm going to apologize in advance.


  1. I totally feel your pain about the cable company! Mine came out and ran a line in my daughters room and knocked a hole in her wall two times the size of the cable plate they were running. I called and complained to the company so they send another moron back out not to patch their mistake but to cover it up with a LARGER hidious cover plate. It looks terrible. Needless to say I did not pay for the installation and I had to re-arrange her furniture to cover up the gaudy crap on her wall. Insane!!

    I love your random post - sometimes those are the best ones. :o)

  2. I love random! It catches us up on everything that is going on :) I also HATE the cable company. We used to have Comcast and they were horrendous so we canceled services one by one every time we had a problem. Then we moved - yay!

  3. i love your randomness friend :)

    sorry bout the cable company. no fun at all.

    but yay for new shoes!! total fun!

  4. That was Random...but I love it.

    The Illusionist was great. I was very surprised by it.

    I could never do the Dish. But, if all that happened, I would go above them and I would write a letter of complaint. Customer service shouldn't be like that!

    Glad you found some shoes. I'm in the same 7.5 boat. Well, I was. I think I'm an 8 after the kiddos, but still, they are pretty hard to find on sale.