Thursday, July 5, 2007

Jake's B-day Party

Hunter's friend from daycare had a little birthday party at a place called Amazing Jakes. You pay to get in, and then you get to eat whatever you want, and there are tons of games and rides for the kids to play. You get a card with so many credits, and then you swipe the card to play. The first thing by the room we were sitting in was a go cart ride. We waited in line, but Hunter ran off and missed our chance to ride at the same time as Jake. Then we found out the go carts cost you about 26 credits, and decided to find something else.

They rode the train, the teacups, and the carousel. Hunter liked the train, not real into the teacups, and really didn't like the carousel.

Then we had cake. Jake's grandma made him a cake like Rocket from Little Einsteins. It was really cool.

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  1. Sure looks like a lot of fun. Wish I was a little kid again.

  2. A great time had by one and all no doubt.