Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pet Peeve #127

This is probably going to make me sound really crazy, but just can't keep it quiet anymore.

I can't figure out why some people think it's ok to eat in some situations.

I took Hunter to the doctor the other day and when we walked in there was a sign on the door specifically stating NO food or drink. (of course they also tell you to turn off your cell phone too, but that's a different post and seriously, who can go without their cell phone when that's the relied upon source of entertainment for the waiting room?) This lady and her daughter came in and the woman sat down, put on her iPod, and sat there eating some kind of trail mix or something. I'm pretty sure with this particular woman that she's just rude and has no regard for rules. I also wonder what makes her think she should be eating in a room full of sick kids who've probably touched every single surface with their germy little hands. And the headphones.....why would you put on headphones when you're waiting on them to call you back? She actually asked her daughter to let her know if they called them. Her daughter looked like she was about 4. Responsibility anyone?

I was in Wal-mart (yech) and some lady in the chip aisle just walks up, snatches a bag of chips off the shelf and rips it open so she can eat while she's shopping. OMG does this crap bother me. It's just gross! I didn't come to the grocery store to watch people eat. I guess sample day is exempt from this complaint, because some people go just for the samples. (Sorry, you will not find me eating those either). I think it bothers me because I just don't get how someone can be THAT hungry and can't wait to at least get to their car before tearing into their snacks. Hunter is 4 and a half and even he understands that we don't eat IN Wal-mart (unless we stop at McDonald's on the way in).

This is going to sound really gross too and I absolutely would not mention it if I didn't KNOW people who do this. Do NOT eat in the bathroom! I mean come on people, it's for your own safety. I'm not talking about at home, do what you want in your own house, I'm not likely to be there. And yes, it makes it worse that I'm talking about a public bathroom. If you have to go that bad, put the food down, leave it in the breakroom or something, last time I checked half eaten food was pretty safe there.

Most of the time seeing people eating has no effect of me. Those few situations where it's just completely unhygenic and disgusting... yeah, it bothers me a LOT!


  1. I have a HUGE problem with people grabbing things off the store shelf and eating it. IT'S NOT YOURS YET! You didn't buy it. Now, in the past when I was a cashier at a store, I would OCCASIONALLY (very occasionally) have someone come through with something to buy to snack on while they shopped. At least they paid for it first! Other times I would have open and empty bags of chips/cookies/candies and then when I rang them up they didn't have enough money. THAT'S STEALING!

    The eating in the bathroom thing, I don't get that. That's gross. Then again, I don't get the people who are on their cell phones in a public bathroom either. NOTHING is that important to talk about!

    There's just no personal responsibility any more and no sense of public decency.

  2. I agree! Although I do pack fruit snacks for Isabella when we're shopping. That's the only way sometimes to get through a shopping trip.

    And I had to open up our bag of Dum Dums once in line at WM. We had been waiting for over 20 mintues. It was late. And she was screaming. Sometimes a momma's gotta do what she's gotta do to save the sanity of everyone :)

    But a grown woman? I think she could have waited!

  3. I don't get the digging into the groceries while shopping thing either. I guess we know where all the half-eaten bags of cookies etc. that you see on the wrong shelves from time to time come from.

    Once when I was shopping with the twins when they were 2, Bethany busted into a yogurt before I noticed she had. I was so embarrassed! Oh well, with kids I understand but a full-grown adult? Weird!

    I'm not even gonna go there on the bathroom eating thing. Ick!

  4. I should have mentioned that kids aren not part of my complaint, because they have to eat more often.
    Cynthia- You brough up another thing I hate-finding food on the shelves in the wrong place. Once I found a package of chicken breasts on a shelf and took it back to the meat section. They said they'd have to throw it out because they didn't know how long it was there. No wonder gorceries cost so much.

  5. The doctor's office thing? So rude.

    I saw a lady roll her eyes when the receptionist asked her to step out to continue her cell phone call. She was so rude. Lady..nobody wants to hear your phone call!

    PS Our mail carrier was on her cell phone Saturday and I thought of you! Not because you are on the phone, but that you wrote about not being allowed to be on the phone.

  6. I wasn't even aware I shared this pet peeve with you...but ewwww!
    And double ewwww to the public restroom.
    I don't want to pee in a public restroom...much less eat my lunch in there.

  7. The sample thing drives me insane! Sadly, my husband is one of those people who annoy the crap out of me by stopping right in front of me just to get a sample. Or I will randomly lose him, only to have him come back with 2 samples as if geting me one makes it okay to eat a lunch of samples at Costco. And he knows I won't eat it. I can't stand watching grown adults race towards a tiny morsal of food as if it's their only ration for the day. and then there are the people who will stand there and wait if a sample is still being cooked. Really? You really want to wait in a line for 3 minutes for a bite size of something?!
    Ahhhh. I could totally keep going, but I will just bite my tongue, or else I could take over your comments section. Great post!

  8. in a public bathroom either. NOTHING is that important to talk about!

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