Thursday, September 16, 2010


I always forget to write down the funny things the kids say, but this was just too funny.  I've been wanting to blog it, so here it is.

Hunter and Rylie were watching Toy Story 3 the other day.  He's been asking so many more questions since starting kindergarten.  Here's our conversation.

Hunter: "Mom, am I going to go to college when I get bigger?"

Me: "Do you want to go to college when you get bigger?"

Hunter: "Yeah, I think I do."

Rylie: "When I get bigger I'm going to be a horse."

Hunter:"Rylie, people can't be horses."

I'm just relieved they didn't say they wanted to sit on the couch and play video games all day!


  1. I liked your site from a children author of Concord, Ca.