Sunday, November 1, 2015

"Hash is king!"

So, we're just hanging out, relaxing a little this morning.  Yesterday was a long day, up at 4am for work, and then busy afternoon getting the kids ready to go trick-or-treating.  We got home around 9 last night, so tired out.  We went to our old neighborhood to join our friends and their kids, so much fun!  Unknowingly, Hunter and Liam both decided to be SWAT team members, lol!  Cute!

So... Adam is making our Sunday breakfast while I'm working on some blog stuff....Hunter is playing Mario on the Wii, Rylie is resting on the couch with me, and Viv is chilling in her room.  Adam asks me if we have Hashbrowns and Hunter says, "Hash is king!".  This is pretty typical in our house.  Outbursts of things that make almost NO sense....unless, of course, you live here.  Adam is very comical and I LOVE that my kids are picking up on the things he says and how he says things.  When we met one of the things that he liked on my dating profile was that I said I love to laugh, haha.  There has been NO shortage of that in the last year and a half, that's for sure!
We are on the Dave Ramsey plan, Adam and I went through Financial Peace University classes right after we got married in January.  We listen to the podcasts of the Dave Ramsey Show, daily for me, a few times a week for Adam I think.  Anyway, Dave has this saying "Cash is king!"  and Adam is usually spouting off some impersonation or other whenever the conversation hits on an opportunity.  Hunter has picked up on this stuff and imitates Adam often, which is even more hilarious.  It feels kind of silly to say, but the truth is, I am so happy with everything right now.  Work is crazy...but I LOVE my route.  I've started sewing again, which is fun when I have the time.  I am trying to find a good balance so I don't get burned out on that.  The kids are happy and growing like crazy.  Most importantly, every day there are plenty of reasons to laugh and it's so much less stress than I used to have.  I'm so thankful every day that I met this wonderful man who is such a joy to be around and just loves life!

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