Sunday, October 26, 2008

Did I miss the easy button stuck on my forehead?

So...a few random things, since I've been behind on my blogging lately and I don't think I'm going to even begin to try to catch up. (I've finally finished all of my books so hopefully I'll be a more regular blogger again).

I didn't even look to see what my reader number is up to. Last week I cleared it out (by clicking on the "mark all as read" button), and I don't think I've read more than 5 or 6 since then. Let's see.....189. Wow, not as bad as I had imagined.

The cloth diapers are going ok. Daycare agreed to do them, and they seem to have no problem with them, except I took them on Friday after missing a couple of days, and they gave them all back clean. Not sure what that was about. And, since they will be doing cloth diapers too I will have to get some more of the all in one type diapers, I don't want to be doing this laundry every night if I can help it.

Rylie doesn't seem to really like the prefold diapers in the wrap. I think it's because she is so petite and no matter how I fold them they are so bulky on her that they make her bowlegged. I am testing a couple of different ideas right now though. So far so good.

What is it that makes both of my kids obsessed with my glasses? I try to put them out of sight when I put in my contacts in the morning, but it never fails that they somehow get ahold of them. Hunter got them this morning and put them in the little compartment on the back of his trike....and then told me about it. So far they haven't broken or bent them.....

And the easy button?

I was almost done with my route the other day when this middle aged lady stopped me and asked if I had any rubber bands. Really? Seriously? I do this all the time so they can shoot their friends, but a middle aged lady?! Is the economy so bad that she can't afford to go buy some? And who uses rubber bands at home anyway? We don't have any in our house at all. I don't know when the last time was that I needed a rubberband.

I told her I only had old ones that were ready to break any second, which I wasn't lying about.

As if I wasn't already amazed by her asking for the rubberbands in the first place, I couldn't even believe the next question.

Are you ready for this?

She asked if I could drop some off the next day for her!

I figured the only explination was that I missed seeing the easy button stuck to my forehead, because what else could possibly make someone think that the post office supplies free office supply your mailbox no less?


  1. What?!?! That's crazy!! Rubber bands are not that expensive! Geez! I've missed you on here, but I can totally relate to being backed up on your reader! I know the feeling like you're never gonna get caught up! It sucks!
    Good Luck, hope you'll be back more often! :)

  2. That is so funny...and strange. Wouldn't ya love to be able to read minds some times?

  3. That is really strange - and I also almost never use rubber bands... I'm trying to think of a reason I'd need them and I've got nothing...

  4. That is bizarre. My students ask for them all the time. I never have them. I don't know why I would!

    I had to click the mark as read, too! You'll get over it!

  5. I had to click the mark all as read too. Just didn't have time to catch up. I hope I didn't miss anythnig really exciting.

    Crazy rubberband lady!

  6. That is truly odd. At my old office, we used to give them back to our postman, Stan, for environmental reasons (ok, so he probably just chucked 'em but we tried)......