Friday, October 17, 2008


You may have been wondering where I've been (or you couldn't care less, you pick). I realize I haven't posted much of anything the last couple of weeks, and I have to admit, I haven't read many blogs either. It would probably be safe to say that aside from the time I spent posting those pictures last weekend, I have averaged about 10 minutes a day on the computer.

Travesty isn't it?

So would you really like to know what I've been doing?

I've been sucked in.

You see, I was anticipating this 6 hour drive to Disneyland. In a car. With 2 kids who were strapped in to their car seats. Not needing too much supervision.

So...I bought a book.

Not just any book.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.

I had seen so many people talking about it that I finally had to see for myself.

I'm hooked.

I just went and bought the 3rd book in the series today.

Because I was finished with the second book yesterday.

That's 2 books in 1 week (around 500-600 pages each).

So you see, I've been just a little busy.



Joining the gym and working out.




Cooking dinner.


Oh...did I mention joining the gym and working out?

4 days this week.

Feels great!

A little sore, but it's the good kind of sore.

I guess this means I'm going to join in with my bloggy friends in their quest.

You know....this one.

I'll try to come back and update, but I don't really have a starting point. My goal is to get to the point of being at least more toned up, and hopefully a size or 2 smaller than I am now. Heck, I'd even settle for not looking absolutely horrendous in pictures.

I can't promise that I'll be around, but I will promise to try.


  1. Glad your back (at least sort of back!) I've missed you! Loved the Disney pictures, though, those brought back a lot of memories! Anyway, wow you have been busy! Busy is good, especially if you're busy working out... impressive! I need to get on that.. hmm. I'm still not convinced to read Twilight... I just don't think I would be into it!

  2. Ok...I actually LOL when you admitted what was keeping your attention. I feel for ya. LOL! Welcome to the addiction that is Twilight. Great aren't they?!

  3. I was actually just about to send you an email this weekend to check on you, I figured you were just getting back into the swing of things after a whirlwind long weekend.

    How jealous am I that you can read in the car? A couple of pages and I want to puke.

    And Twilight? Would you believe I bought it almost two weeks ago but have been trying to finish a book I've borrowed from a friend (and is clearly not nearly as riveting?!?). Must. Finish. Book. This. Weekend.

    Because I know the minute I get sucked into Twilight, I'll be unable to put it down too (at least I'm assuming from everyone else's response to it!)

    I miss you!

  4. And PS good for you on joining the gym - that is awesome!

  5. I know your conundrum - I read all four books in just a few weeks and it only took that long because I had to wait for the most recent one from the library! The third and fourth are so great! See you in a week or so......

  6. Glad you're loving the series, it really does have that sucking in ability, doesn't it? Very easy to lose yourself in it - but you got up in the middle and joined a gym, that's awesome! You know you can read at the gym on some of those machines. Consolidate your time. :)

  7. Well you have VERY good excuses for disappearing on us. Way to go on all the exercise. Definitely check back in and keep us posted on your progress.

    As for Twilight, I'm totally with you on that addiction. I finished the first two books and am now reading something non-Stephenie Meyers and it is killing me. I can't wait to start Eclipse!

  8. You know what? I only read the first one, and I've had the second one, and keep putting it off.

    Come back when you know I'm like 150 deep in *trying* to catch up.

  9. You have an adorable site! I agree with the Twilight addiction! I could not put the books down and I am about to read them again!!

  10. I'm gonna have to get this book, aren't I? So far I've managed to resist, but you just... make it sound... so tempting...

    Great. Now I'm screwed. Thanks a lot.


  11. Way to go Dana! Keep it up with the working out & reading too...mmm, good books are great!!