Saturday, December 6, 2008

Airing the Dirty Laundry (plug your nose)

My mom came for a visit a few weeks ago. It was a nice relaxing visit, we made a few million trips to some store or another. On one of these trips we had the kids with us and Hunter noticed some Spiderman pajamas and decided that he must have them. Well......first he decided he just had to have the Ironman ones that light up and everything. We talked him out of those and I stupidly thought for some reason that 2 pairs of Spiderman pajamas (one black and one red/blue) would be better than one pair of Ironman ones.

We got home and the minute we walked in the door he was stripping down.

He had to wear those pj's.

And not just one pair, he wanted both on at the same time.

He's since become quite fond of the red and blue pair.

He has worn them to daycare even though it's NOT pajama day.

He's worn them out in the yard to play with the neighbor kid.

He's worn them to sleep every night.

He's worn them back to Wal-Mart.

He's taken them in the car with us when he couldn't wear them.

He's put them in the washer when I said they needed to be washed.

He's pulled them out of the washer and exclaimed that they're clean- 20 minutes after putting them in and not starting the wash cycle.

It's just another reason why we're THAT family!


  1. I, too, channel Super Nanny. Alot. "Thase un-acepa-bull!" HA! OMG- My son is the same way with these Wall-E jammies! He wears them over this clothes!!! Poor lil' thing is sweating like a pig- but he doesn't care! Too funny!

  2. I love it! I am crossing my fingers that we never hit a day where we are so attached to one piece of clothing it gets to that level . . . of course, with a little girl there are all sorts of other battles!

  3. I think it's funny when kids do that!

    I see them at daycare all the time in their jammies. I just know that mom or dad was not up for that battle in the morning.