Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dear Target.....

I really, really hate to say this, but I think I'm not in love with you anymore.

It all started with the fact that I hate to shop, and all of your stores are out of my reasonable range for running to the store. When I say I hate to shop, it really means that I hate spending the time away from my nice comfy couch family, so the farther I have to drive to your store the less time I have to spend blogging, eating, and watching tv, sewing, playing with my kids and cooking healthy dinners.

There's also the matter of you never having the thing I want when I want it. Every time I find the perfect thing I'll check online, and then drive to the store, only to be told that it's out of stock (even though your website said it was available). I can't recall how many times it's happened to me, but it's been enough times that I have stopped looking online all together.

Then you got me all excited when we moved to our new house (3 years ago) by putting up a sign to show your plans to build a brand new SuperTarget just 1/2 mile from my house. This would put you even closer than the new Wal-Mart that went in last year, and I would have a really good reason to shop in your stores as opposed to Wal-Mart (saving on gas you know).

Alas, your store has still not been built. You keep pushing it back. You say it's the economy. I say not. People (especially all of the mommy bloggers) LOVE Target. You teased us by starting the groundwork. I started to get excited when the street was under major construction because surely that meant it was getting closer. This was 5 months ago at least. Still, no sign of a building.

I also heard from a source who has family on the inside. They say you are probably not going to be opening the store in the next year. At the rate you're going it will be 2. I will probably have moved by then.

I'm just getting the cold shoulder feeling from you, and so I'm going to give it right back. Until you open your store by me that is. Then I'll warm up again.


  1. I feel you. I found something online that I want to get, but they don't have it in the store. I don't want to pay shipping. I don't want to wait for it to arrive; I need it now.

    Sorry about your Target divorce.

  2. I've learned my lesson about the online thing. That has happened to me too many times than I'd like to admit. Now I call and have them pull it from the shelf and hold it for me at the customer service counter so I don't make a trip for nothing.

  3. While I love myself some Target, I have been banned from the property. My husband has started calling me out on my "$100 loaves of Target bread"-We all know it is IMPOSSIBLE to just run in to get bread- You come out with a new pair of shoes to wear while serving the bread on the new set of adorable dishes that matched the cute new dishtowels you had to have... Damn you, red sale stickers...