Monday, December 15, 2008


If you wonder where I've been....well....I've been busy, but haven't you all as well?
Last Friday was Seth's 30th birthday.
He took the day off and went golfing.
After I got off work we went and picked up my new toy.
(Oh, don't worry, he got an exciting new tool for his birthday, and since everyone celebrates my birthday I thought I would just do the same on his, sort of...).
I bought myself an embroidery machine!
I'm so excited!
I think Seth is too.
He's got his plans for the things he wants me to make him.
I've got big plans to finish all of these Christmas gifts I'm making and maybe even personalize some of them.
I have lots to do still.
And I just realized this morning how extremly fast the time is going.
You probably won't see much out of me for the next week or so, but I may have a guest poster if she chooses to highjack my blog for me......
So, until next time....
P.S. I could really use a full time babysitter for the next couple of weeks if anyone wants to volunteer. I can't promise you good weather, unfortunately it's supposed to be rainy and around 55 degrees the entire week.


  1. How embroidery machine?

    And, if/when you find that sitter, send them my way when you are done!

  2. Oh I could use one of those full time sitters too...time is flying by and bad weather is currently messing with my plans...oh well I have given up being done I just say that what matters is I am done before Christmas day...LOL!

  3. I have a friend who just got an embroidery machine and she loves it! So much so that I haven't talked to her in two weeks now. *lol*

    The holidays are always busy and often stressful! Glad you're checking in now and then to let us know all is well!

    Have fun with your new toy...can't wait to see some of the stuff you make!

  4. I am seriously jealous. Have been stalking craiglist, hoping that someone will just happen to be tired of theirs and want to get rid of it (yea right!) Can I send you some towels that have been begging for some "Y"s to be put on them. You could fly your children out here, I'll watch them while you work...