Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another random list of uselessness

Sorry (again) for the lack of blogging. We've been pretty busy lately. On my birthday we kicked off a month long mail count at work. It's not going too bad so far, but we shall see. The first week always makes you want to pull your hair out.

Hunter, Seth, and I have been sick this week. I didn't sleep well Saturday night because of a sore throat and Sunday had no energy for anything. Then Hunter woke me up at 2 am Monday morning and threw up on me. Seth got sick on Monday as well, so it's a good thing we all stayed home.

I have finally gotten a few sewing projects done and I have a new listing in my store. If you see anything there you like or have an idea for something, let me know. I am hopefully going to get my giveaway items mailed out soon. I just have a couple little finishing touches and they will be ready.

We dropped our 42" plasma tv on the floor last weekend. I would not suggest it to anyone. Lucky for us it still works. There were a couple of cracks in the plastic casing, but other than that it's fine.

Rylie is doing great. She's been without any accidents for about a week now. I think there's been a couple of times where she was in the bathroom and just couldn't get her pants down quick enough, so those don't count. She's started putting her pants on all by herself too. She found a pair of sliky pj pants and loves to wear those around all the time. She's got more words, cute is one of them, and right now I can't remember the rest.

Hunter is getting so big. He's being very helpful lately. Last night they were at the kitchen table eating and he was talking to Rylie about going to take a bath after dinner. It was so cute how he was being such a big brother. He said the other day, "Rylie come over and give me a hug."

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  1. I hope everybody is feeling better now and things slow down a little for you.