Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

I know, you shouldn't throw yourself a party, ettiquette and all, but since my birthday happens to fall on Valentine's Day I sort of have to, no one else is gonna, they're all celebrating.

So, I got myself all cut, liposuction nails done, botox pedicure, the works. Now all I need is some cake and ice cream.....and comment love. I know, I haven't been a good blogger lately, and I'm really going to try and change that.....soon, really.

There are so many things taking away from my blogging time lately, and it just seems like every time I turn around there are new and exciting things to get my attention. I think I really need to figure out a schedule and limit my "fun" because I'm not getting any actual work done.

I keep thinking of things to blog about....and if I only had a little recorder that would take the ideas directly out of my brain and store them up until I had the computer, and then just zapped it right to the darn thing, then maybe I could get it all posted. For now I haven't even managed to write my ideas down. I've always been a really crappy note taker, and taking notes of my own jumbled thoughts is not an easy task impossible.

Plus I hate to listen to my own voice so recording things would only be worse. Plus I'm so freaking anal about stuff like that, I can just see myself - stopped at a mailbox for 20 minutes, trying to get my cell phone to record just the right thing so I don't confuse myself later, while the person who owns the mailbox watches me talking to myself. (Did I say "myself" enough times in that one sentence"?).

So you'll all just have to be a little more patient while I sort myself out some time (and issues clearly). For now, I'll leave you with a picture of my baby getting her first haircut (it did NOT go well).


  1. I still think you should take Mom's advice and pick a different birthday if you're feeling so neglected. And I still think my idea from last night to celebrate it 9 months early is the logical date to go with!!! HA!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEFE!!!!!! Love ya!!

  2. Happy birthday!

    I hope it's a good one.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Two more days and I'll be as OLD as you! (wink)

    Hope you have a GREAT day that includes lots of love and rest!

    And, oh, yes, I have pictures of Luke screaming his head off at his first haircut. They gave him a lollypop to try and make him happy and he is holding it straight out in front of him, gripping it in pure terror. Sheesh!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Dana!! Hope it was fabulous!! :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mine is Feb. 28th. This is a great birth month, n'est-ce pas?!