Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coffee break in the middle of the street...probably not a good idea.

Being on the road for work makes for some interesting conversations once in awhile. This world is just jam packed with crazy drivers.

One example could be the people who pretty much decided to stop and have coffee in the middle of a busy 4 lane street today. I turned and was going down the inside lane with a small blue truck in the lane to the right of me. The speed limit is 40mph on this particular street. The blue truck pulled over in front of me and slowed down to about 30mph. Just then a white minivan pulled up on the right and slowed, rolled down the driver's window and started talking to the people in the truck. As they were talking the truck and the van each moved left one lane, so that the van was now in front of me. They pretty much cut me off, and proceeded to stop in the middle of the road so they could figure out where they were going next. Apparently the world revolves around them and we are all just supposed to watch and make sure we avoid their stupidity.


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    By the way this is Olivia.

  2. You mean the world doesn't revolve around them? Hmm...interesting.

  3. Crazy drivers! Glad you didn't get in an accident.