Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I finally figured it out...Mashed Potatoes!!!

Anyone in my family can tell you how much I love mashed potatoes. When I was in junior high I would always walk to my grandma's house after school. She always asked me what I wanted for a "snack" and I would usually say mashed potatoes. She. was. the best. She usually already had them peeled and ready to go on the stove.

I still like mashed potatoes a lot. I guess I would still call them my favorite food. I also have to admit that sometimes, I make a meal to go with my mashed potatoes instead of the other way around.

Since I moved to Arizona 11 years ago my family has always asked me to move back. I thought it was because I am so smart, cute and funny, you know, the life of the party.

If I moved back my mom could see her grand kids more.

My sister, well, we'd do sisterly things together. Things like fighting, shopping, pulling hair, doing each other's hair, messing up each other's house, helping each other with the kids.

I know my brother and my dad would love to go play golf with me and Seth. We'd make a great foursome on the course.

While I was peeling potatoes for dinner tonight I realized something.

They don't want me back.

They want their potato peeler back!


  1. Crack me up! Although I bet your mashed potatoes are to. die. for!

  2. Let's hope it's more than wanting their potato peeler:)

  3. Too Funny! I could live on mashed red potatoes!

  4. LOL! I'm sure they really want you back! We love mashed potatoes too! It's the one thing I can cook! ;)