Friday, May 1, 2009

Out with the old....

...and in with the new.

We've had a lot of small things happen lately that have accumulated into a bunch of changes. I feel like I'm running in circles some days, drowning in paperwork, and trying to get things done.

A few weeks ago I took Hunter into the Dr. for his 4 year checkup. They asked me to pay a copay, but I explained that we've been with our insurance for 3 years and we don't pay for well child care. Then when I took Rylie for her well child visit they argued with me about it again. Having just been through it a month before I was really annoyed. This time the office manager told the receptionist to collect the copay anyway. Then a couple of minutes later she called me back to talk to her. After explaining how my insurance works, and how their billing department is so slow to refund money that is owed to me, I got my copay back. I felt really insulted because the office manager asked that I pay them in a timely manner if in fact we did owe a copay. Sort of like she thought I was going to stiff them on the bill.

The same visit Rylie was due for immunizations. The nurse said she had missed her 18 month shots. I thought that was weird because I always bring the kids for their appointments when they tell me to. I also found out that Hunter was not caught up, even though he had just been there for shots the month before. Irritating to say the least.

All of those things, combined with a new physicians assistant that my kids seem to be afraid of, contribute to my decision to take the kids to a new doctor.

Yesterday we got a letter from our daycare about tuition going up next month. We've been taking Hunter there since he was 6 weeks old. We've always had a really good arrangement with them since we work short hours we've been able to keep them on half days and we had a sibling discount. The new plan includes them getting rid of any sort of discounts, as well as half days. The result is for us to either pay more than double what we're currently paying and stay there, or move the kids to someplace else that still has half days. I gave our two week notice today.

I feel so torn about leaving the daycare. I know the teachers all love our kids, and the kids love them as well. Hunter has a friend who he talks about all the time. I'm sad that he will be leaving her behind because they've been going to school together for so long. That being said, we have to do what's right for our family. Doing what's right does not involve paying the equivalent of $14 an hour in childcare.


  1. Bless your heart- when it rains it pours sometime!

    When we lived in Scottsdale/ Cave Creek, we saw Dr. Manny Delucca (off Tatum and Jomax) and LOVED HIM! Don't know where you are in the desert, but he's worth the drive if you're still looking.

  2. How rude, regarding the timely manner comment! As far as switching daycares goes, the kids are still young. I doubt they'll even remember in a few years. Besides, you can use the opportunity to teach them that change is good, and they'll get MORE new friends that way! Because $14/hr is out of control!! YIKES!

  3. That drs office would make me mad, too.

    And daycare...crazy. I know it's hard, but that is too much.

  4. Make sure you ask the old doctor's office to give you copies of all of their records for the kids. When I checked our kids immunization records at their pediatrician's, they had missed a whole set of shots. I know why--they just moved to electronic records and apparently that day's immunizations weren't transferred. Still, it pays to check and be sure you always get your shot record updated at that time!