Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nothing much going on here lately.

Hunter is starting to be a well behaved 4 year old. He's doing his best to get adjusted at the new daycare and it hasn't been too bad.

At the same time Rylie is fully into the terrible twos. I thought maybe we'd be spared some grief after Hunter and all of his climbing antics, and since Rylie is a girl I figured she'd just want to play with her baby dolls all the time. Unfortunately I was wrong. She's becoming just as bad as he was about climbing the counters. The bathroom counter, the kitchen counter, and always on the kitchen table. I just wish someone could explain the excitement of toothpaste, perfume, deoderant and hair brushes. We think she's also flushed something down one of the toilets. I'm just not that excited about dealing with all of the 2 year old nonsense.

As it gets hotter our days at work get shorter, so we have even more spare time on our hands. It seems like it's never enough to get things accomplished though, when you have kids around to "help" you do everything. Seth put down some pergo in the den because our carpet was beyond gross. It was so easy we'll probably be putting it in our bedroom and eventually the kids' rooms also.

I've been getting a pretty steady stream of orders, usually one right after another. I've also got some things that have been on the waiting list that I need to get started on. I put up a sale on my store which will run through Memorial Day. If you haven't been over there for awhile, check it out!


  1. Our living room carpet is gross too! We have to do something about it! Love the "Abby" cute!

  2. Love the pictures!

    And so sorry for the terrible two's...I am not looking forward to them!

    And LOVE your craftiness. You are so talented!!

  3. That picture of them is too cute! lol I love how Rylie is pushing Hunter, too funny! Love the new items, too, you are so talented!

  4. Wow! Your items are beautiful! I also wanted to let you know that I just made a special blog list on my sidebar of all the blogs who link to me...and of course you are on it! Thanks & hope we share many more friends!

  5. Do you make those lovely baby products? They're just awesome! And I hear you about the terrible twos - seems my 16 month old is already there... meanwhile, his almost 4 year old brother is mostly well-behaved... that is, when he's not fighting with his little brother!