Monday, January 19, 2009

Potty Training by Force

She's only 21 months old.
She knows what she wants.
She wants to wear big girl pants and no one can tell her otherwise.

I bought her 3 pairs of Tinker bell underwear for Christmas.
Last Monday we tried them out...just practice.
All 3 pairs.
We taught her doll how to use the potty...(she's a pro now).
She showed promise, one accident was just after getting some toilet paper and on her way to the potty chair, just not enough time.
She's great at getting her pants down, putting the little seat on the big toilet (and back under the sink), wiping (50 times), and flushing (at least twice), all no problem.
On Saturday I was at the store and decided to actually be prepared for when it was a couple of months weeks.
My mistake was showing them to her when I got home.
She had to have them on immediately, even though it was bedtime.
When I tried to put a diaper on her for bed she was hysterical.
I finally had to wait until she fell asleep so I could put a diaper on her.
Sunday morning we started bright and early...her choice.
She woke up dry.
We got the potty chair and put it in the living room.

She immediately sat down and went.

We had a party! Hunter was there too and we were all clapping and yelling YAY! (Imagine your 4 year-old yelling YE-AH, like it's a sporting event with his fist waving and everything).

Rylie's cute, she gets up, we look and start yelling "yay!" and she has already got the bowl out to go dump it! She has to set it down so she can clap with us while we're yelling!

She did good, only a couple of accidents yesterday morning, then back with diapers when we left the house and for the rest of the day.

This morning, it was back to Drill Sargeant Rylie.

I thought I was going to be a hostage in my own house so she wouldn't have to get dressed.

I had her all dressed with a diaper on and ready for daycare, and as soon as she saw that potty chair she had to take it all off and go potty.

She did pretty good at daycare in underpants, a couple of accidents, but not bad.

She's at the point at home now that she'll just go over and go without being prompted or needing help.

She's doing great so far.


  1. That's always such a monumental occasion! Good for her for being so proactive about it. Some kids go easy and others hard- though I found both my girls far easier to train than my boy.

    I hope it continues to go well for you. I had my sister's kids today (her daycare lady had the holiday off but neither sis or her spouse did). I actually changed a poopy for the first time in a few years. I don't miss it but it is like riding a bike- you never forget how to do it.

  2. Oh, God! Potty training stinks! My first born was potty-trained in like 2 days by her Nazi Montessori teachers, so with Luke, it is a total nightmare! A nightmare, I tell you!

    I wrote many a post about it until my little sister told me to stop. It was grossing her out. She is 25 though and has no idea what a big deal it is to not have to buy $$$ diapers anymore!

    If you need the lyrics to the "Super Dooper Pooper" song, you just let me know, k?

  3. When are you coming to our house? Izzy does great at school, then she gets home and has no desire what so ever.

    She's SOAKED in the morning, too!

  4. Oh good for her (and you!)!!! Elaina has been potty-trained for a year and still has accidents occasionally. I can tell she has to go when she gets squirmy!

    Great job to all of you!

  5. I have always wanted one of those kids that potty trains themselves.

    3 weeks and we're potty training Eli. I just know it isn't gonna be pretty.

  6. Believe it or not, we only just recently got the Little Imp completely potty trained and it only took....EIGHTEEN MONTHS! I am dead serious. We probably should have given up!

    On her third birthday though (Dec. 26th) we told her the potty-police were coming to take all the diapers away because it was against the law for her to wear dipes any more. Apparently, that's all it took. In the entire time since that day, she's only had 2 accidents. She's totally potty trained now...even at night.

    It's been a long 18 months! *lol*

    Good luck on your journey. It's a relief in many ways and kind of an annoyance in others. "Mommyyyyy, come wipe my butt" was cute the first 5 or so times I heard it...the last 932 times? Not so much! *lol*