Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If I had a magic wand....

I decided to bring back an old favorite this week, and even if it's Wed, please feel free to join in.
The other night I was folding clothes and I was wishing I had a magic wand so I could just flick my wrist and it would be done. That got me to thinking (always a dangerous thing).
So this week's theme is "If I had a magic wand..."
The rules (there's gotta be rules):
1. You can only pick 5 things. You can use the wand for those 5 things no matter how often they occur, but only for those 5 things.
Ok, that's the only rule because I had another rule and even I couldn't stick to that.) Can you tell I'm struggling with my ADD today?)
So, anyway, here's my 5.
1. Laundry. I HATE folding laundry. I don't mind doing it or putting it away, I just hate folding it.
2. Washing dishes. Cleaning the kitchen for that matter, but mostly washing dishes. I've ALWAYS hated it, and I'm pretty sure I always will.
3. Pulling my route down. I don't really mind sorting it or delivering it, I just hate that it seems to take so long to pull it down.
4.Drying my hair. I usually don't dry it every day because, while I have really nice, thick, pretty hair, it takes forever to dry, and my arm usually falls asleep in the process. Most days I just let it dry. Who cares anyway, right? But I would really like to look a little bit more put together.
5.Putting the kids to bed. I wish it was as easy as flicking my wrist. Unfortunately lately it's been soooo difficult, and it will just get harder as the days get longer.
Now it's your turn. What would you use your magic wand for if you had one?
As always, if you don't want to blog it you can leave it in the comments.


  1. What a great thought! I wish I had a magic wand to

    1) Laundry - from start to finish
    2) Clean the entire house before I came home from work
    3) Cooking...wouldn't that be nice like in the Jetsons to push a button and your food magically apprears!
    4) Trim Carter's finger and toe nails...I absolutely HATE this as does he!
    5) Always have milk in the fridge without having to go to the grocery store.

  2. Let's see...I'm pretty sure this would completely by my top 5 list!
    1. Laundry...not a fan of putting it away!
    2. Hubby gets to do the dishes!
    3...well, I can't relate to 3!
    4. I HATE drying my hair! Hate it!!!
    5. I get hubby to do it when ever I can!