Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making Me Happy Monday!

I am finally getting a chance to participate in Making Happy Monday! Rachael started it and I've been wanting to for awhile but I just kept forgetting what has been making me happy. This week I tried to make some mental notes, we'll see if they stuck.

1. First and foremost- I'm so happy that it was just a computer malfunction and I still have my job.

2. Mail count is OVER! No more waiting for someone to count my mail, and no more being followed by a stopwatch!

3. My sewing machine is getting fixed. And, I'm really happy that I got my old machine back just before the new one had to go in, because I can still do some sewing!

4. I have gotten a lot of sewing done the past week, and I'm impressing myself with the quality of work, despite the old machine.

5. My kids have been really pretty good lately. Today Hunter told me, "Mom, Rylie's my best friend." How cute is that?

6. I cleaned out Hunter's room last week, and took a whole car load of toys and junk to Goodwill. He now looks like the most deprived child in the neighborhood. But his room is clean.

7. A friend gave us a twin bed for Hunter. He had our old queen bed and it took up the entire room, so now he's got extra storage, and more space to play!

8. I took the old bed to Goodwill! Makes me very happy to get rid of it right away, and for free. Plus it's nice to know we gave it to a worthy cause because it was really in decent shape.

9. My hubby has finally come around when it comes to watching movies. He used to give a movie about 5 minutes and if it didn't grab his attention he would leave. Now he'll stick it out to see if it turns out good.


  1. Great list! #5 is adorable! How sweet! Glad you have so much to be happy about in life! :)

  2. I'm glad things are going better for you!

    And, I'm so glad you kept your job. You really scared me yesterday.