Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's a random world....

...when you have so many things going on it's hard to focus on one thing to talk about. So here goes. (formatting is NOT working for me at this point, so forgive me however this turns out).
Life has been pretty busy around here, as usual. This week I finally got my sewing area organized and I am LOVING it. It's still in the corner of the kitchen and I'm still using the kitchen table for sewing, but just having the basic things I need to have out organized is helping me get back to where I like sitting there. I guess I just have a personality that hates clutter and I do my best to avoid it.
Seth has been making some towels for people at work. He came up with a design and everyone loves it. He's still a very manly man ladies. He still likes woodworking and things like that. How many couples out there have similar intrests like we do. He's taught me to use his tools in the garage so I guess we're even. Sort of. I could never make something with wood as beautiful as the cedar chests he's made.
I have been getting a slow and steady list of things to make. This week I made a set of monogrammed bath towels for a wedding gift. They turned out really nice. I also went shopping for fabric with my MIL. I'm making a blanket for her and a bag as well.
I have been working on things for my giveaway that Krystyn is hosting. She hasn't gotten it going yet, but I will let you know when it's up. I made her daughter a caplet with her name on it, and I also sent her one of these fancy monogrammed burp cloth's I make.

I also had a request for a blanket this week. It turned out so well. Unfortunately, I think my machine is needing a rest. The little piece that winds the bobbin is broken. They sell a bobbin winder at Wal-mart, but it won't work for the bobbins for my machine. I'm going to have to send it off to get fixed which is a bummer. I do have my old sewing machine as a back up. It works ok. I have had to use it a couple of times this week and I realize just how spoiled I've been with my "new" machine. I had to use the old one to finish the blanket the other night. It still turned out really nice. It was for a little girl turning one, her name is Maiah.

When I first started thinking of doing this as a business I was a little apprehensive. I've tried things before that didn't really work so well. Things like making my wooden books, selling scrapbooking and stamping supplies, and I'm still a consultant for Mary Kay. I think one of the main reasons for that is because I was broke back then (and with Mary Kay I'm just not willing to have tons of inventory sitting around in my closet for years). I really didn't have the money to be spending on the things I had to buy to get the business's going, and therefore I just had too much pressure to do well. This time it seems like I am just focusing on one thing at a time, and I don't feel like I have to "sell" anything. I have been buying fabric and things as I make money, and I'm perfectly happy to make things as gifts. If I was broke right now I probably wouldn't be quite as willing to just give my things away.

There are also a few things I learned from listening to Dave Ramsey talk about how his company grew from nothing. Starting small and growing steady was really the way he did it. I truly believe that he's one of the smartest people on the planet. Who else can file for bankruptcy and become a millionaire a few short years later without borrowing a penny for his business?


  1. I LOVE that blanket!! You have great talent! I also love Dave Ramsey!

  2. I LOVE the caplet and the burp cloth! I will have the contest up later this week!

  3. Is is me or did the whole post just not make sense at all. I must have been really tired still when I wrote it. But you all get my drift right?

  4. That blanket is gorgeous! You're so very talented. I have a shop on Etsy and lately I've felt a little overwhelmed. I need to really get my focus back. It's easy to lose sometimes. Someone gave me a negative feedback because their daughter purchased something without reading the description carefully and the mom wasn't happy. It wasn't MY fault. I think that's when I started feeling overwhelmed.