Sunday, April 6, 2008


Hunter recently (about 2 months ago) developed a liking of Spiderman. Since he's only 3 it's really the first time he's had a specific thing he likes. He's had general preferences, sure, but nothing where you could say "look Hunter__" and expect him to really care, (except candy of course). So sometime in the last couple of months, he expressed an interest in Spiderman. We thought this was really cute. So one day I took him to the store with me, and I thought he'd really like to watch the Spiderman movie. Well, what's better than buying the DVD for $20? Buying all 3 DVDs for $30, of course. Since then we've seen all 3 movies more times than I could begin to count.

Hunter started running around the house pretending to be Spiderman. It's really rather funny because he goes up to the wall and acts like he's going to climb it. For Easter Hunter got a Spiderman costume. The first day he had that thing on and off about 50 times. Of course he can't do it himself, so he has to bring it to one of us to put it on. At least he didn't insist on wearing it out of the house. We explained to him that Spidey stays home, and that seemed to work. We're finally down to putting it on only a couple of times a day. Hey, at least we're already set for Halloween!

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  1. Thomas LOVES Spiderman too! So glad I found out you had a blog!