Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The new fish tank

We've been talking about getting a fish tank for Hunter since before his birthday(yeah, a couple of months is a long time to think). The other day when I went to pick them up from daycare he spent 20 mins looking at the fish and crabs in the tank that they have out in the front room. That made up my mind, so I went this weekend and picked out one for him. I started out planning to spend less than $100. I was way off. When I started looking at smaller tanks it seemed like you were spending more money than big ones (cost per gallon-wise). So I wound up with a 29 gallon tank (with a kit), and a mission style stand. I only bought some gravel to get it set up. Monday I went and let Hunter pick out some fish. We got a ropefish(Hunter calls it his snake) an angelfish, and a betta. I also let him pick out a decoration, which was a skeleton (pirate).
Today we needed some better housing for the ropefish and also better food, since he doesn't seem to like the flakes that came in the sample packets. Since we were going to the pet store we picked up a few more fish to add to our tank. 3 tiger barbs and 2 crabs and a plecostemos. They have a 14 day return policy if the fish don't happen to be compatible. There are also some new plants to keep things interesting.
Hopefully we'll be able to keep all of the fish healthy and happy.


  1. wow you went all out!!! We too have recently gone down the fish route with Thomas but we weren't nearly as adventurous as you!!

  2. Ha ha. Adventurous, yeah, I guess so. This makes the 3rd fish tank I've had, so for me it is just that this time I did it right. We didn't really have counter space for a small tank, I was going to have to buy a stand or something anyway, so why not go big right?