Saturday, April 19, 2008

So Silly!

We are finally getting to a point where it seems like the kids will play well together. For the last few months they've been taking baths together. Why is it that when your 3-year-old is outside of the bath tub, he starts crying hysterically if your 1 year old gets too close, but if they are in the bath tub than she can climb all over him and it's just fine? Tonight after our very early dinner (4 pm) they were playing and laughing and having such a good time for almost an hour and a half. At one point Rylie was laughing so hard because Hunter was "tickling" her. He doesn't really know how to tickle, he just moves his fingers back and forth close to her tummy, but she laughed anyway. Then I decided it was time for a snack before bath. Hunter was eating some cheetos and Rylie was eating a cracker. I look over and Hunter is reaching way over the side of the table to give Rylie one of his cheetos, which she finally was able to get ahold of. Then he said "I gotta go potty, I'll be right back Rylie." So finally bath time. He so enjoys "washing" her hair. That's what he calls it, really he's just dumping the cup of water over her head.

It's so nice that they can play together (sometimes) and give us a break from the whining and crying that, so often, makes us wonder why we were crazy enough to think we wanted to have kids in the first place.

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