Saturday, April 26, 2008

Uh, oh!

I forgot to feed the fish this morning. If you know about my gardening skills (or lack therof) this would come of no suprise. It also ranks up there with why I don't pay the bills. I have a lot on my mind, so little things like feeding the fish are on the bottom of the list. Seth told me a couple of days ago that feeding would be my responsibility. This came after a few days of me asking him if he had fed the fish, to find out if I should feed them. So that was it, it's now my responsibility. I'm really going to work at this.

When I got home from work I went to check my e-mail on the computer in the den. It happens to be right next to the fish tank. I didn't notice anything at that point because the light was off. Seth doesn't turn the light on and leave it, the water is a tad bit cloudy and he just thinks it looks horrible. This is my area too, and we've already had a few discussions about getting something to take care of that. Anyway, back to the original subject. I went about my normal stuff after checking my e-mail, making lunch, dealing with whiny, fussy, sleepy kids. I got Rylie down for a nap, and in the process, I made myself rather tired. So I decided to take a little nap too. (I can blame it on being up at 6 am, and then working in the 90 degree heat, inside a vehicle that's actually 10 degrees hotter than outside, even with the fan blowing.) I woke up from my nap, and went to check my e-mail again. This time I decided to turn on the light. There was a dead crab laying almost upside down a the bottom of the tank. I said "Uh-oh! This crab doesn't look so good." Seth proceded to fill me in on the fact that the angelfish had been chasing him around all day. So it was labeled a homicide and determined that the murderer was the angelfish.

I must say that it was probably my fault. I know forgetting one time isn't going to starve them enough to prey on the others, but I have a feeling it was just overall underfeeding. I thought I was feeding them enough because it seemed like I was putting tons of food in there, but after inspecting the fins of the angelfish, it looks like he's not the only one that's hungry. This is actually our second fatality in the tank. The first was the little tiny plecostemus that the lady in the store insisted would ne the right size when full grown. I should have listened to my gut and gotten a bigger one. She promised that if I got the bigger one it would outgrow my tank. Well, better to outgrow the tank in a few years than get eaten by the bigger fish (or crabs). I'm really going to try to remember to feed these little guys. Maybe I'll check into some kind of automatic fish feeder.....

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