Tuesday, May 6, 2008

English Class

Ok, really. I knew that our kids learn from observation, but you don't really get it until your child says to you "Mommy, stop talking, I was talking to daddy!" I wonder where he got that?

Lately, whenever Seth and I are having a conversation, Hunter will come in and just start talking to whichever one of us he needs at the moment. I started telling him he needs to wait, because daddy and I are talking.

He's also started telling Rylie "Don't do that Rylie" and "Come here Rylie" just like he hears us say. One of his other recent sayings sounds a lot like "Oh damnit!" he uses that one a lot. I like to think he's really saying "Oh, darnit!" It sounds close, really.

And, another thing. Thank you so much to the person who gave us the very cute seasonal hooded santa clause towel. One night we were getting ready for bath and he said "I want my Ho!" I'm like, "Excuse me mister?!" He said "my Ho". For a second I thought he had seen something he shouldn't have on tv. I was really relieved to find out he was referring to his towel, he just thought that was what Santa was, I guess all the Ho, Ho, Ho, and stuff is pretty confusing for a 3 year old.

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