Thursday, May 8, 2008

You know you're a mother when....

It takes you 3 hours to make it through a 2 hour movie.

It takes you at least 20 more minutes to get out of the house after you're ready to go (what am I saying, you're the last one ready)

Your car has more clothes in it than your closet.

The first section in the department store you visit is the kid's section, (and then of course you don't make it to the adult section).

You never make it to work on time, and the shirt that was clean when you put it on winds up with booger nose wiped all over it (and that was the second clean shirt, after breakfast was smeared on the 1st one.)

Your dress shoes (yeah, those ones you never wear) always find their way onto the hard floor, because they sound so cool.

Your idea of a great evening consists of watching Grey's Anatomy and LOST back to back.

You can't remember when the last time you had 3 hours to yourself was (outside of work and sleeping).

You can't remember the last time you left the house completely put together, hair and makeup done, and spot-free clothes.

You have $100 of blow money just for you, and $60 of the $100 (or more) winds up being spent on something for the kids.

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