Thursday, May 29, 2008

We officially have the smelliest house on the block!

It was trash day on my mail route today.

I usually hate trash day.

Today, I was (dare I say) jealous.

All of those people getting rid of all that smelly trash (and believe me, it's smelly, and they insist on putting their cans right by their boxes)

I'm sure all of this has got you wondering.

This is my problem......

That's our trashcan by the curb.

It's there right now.

I put it there yesterday morning.

It's really heavy, and I'm not moving it again until it gets dumped.

The next trash day is next Wednesday!

We didn't put the trash out before we left for vacation, because we left really early Tuesday morning, and there wasn't that much trash, and we figured that since we'd be getting home on Tuesday night we'd be able to put it out for the next day's pick up. If you've been reading, you'll know that we missed our flight, and didn't get home till Wed. night (and of course the trash was the last thing on our minds). If you do the math (which I've already done, so you won't have to) it's already now been 22 days since we last had our trash picked up. We only have 1 trash day a week.

Tuesday night Seth asked if it was trash day the next day and I said yes. I thought that meant he was going to put it out. Yesterday morning I must have been in the shower when the truck went up our side of the street, because I never heard it. I did hear it coming later though, just as Seth said, oh yeah, it's trash day(meaning, oh cr@p, I forgot to put out the trash). I ran out and around the house to get it to the street. I'm not sure why I bothered, because the truck was on the other side of the street, and they do our side first. But I struggled with the massively heavy thing, through the rock and down the driveway. If you notice the picture, it has no lid. Which means that there is nothing to keep the smell of what's in there from overwhelming you. And remember, it's been 3 weeks, we've had 110 degree temps, and rain (some of which I'm sure has collected in there) and we usually have pretty smelly trash anyway, with having a baby in diapers.

So, we now officially have the stinkiest house on the block with our month's worth of trash sitting out on the curb. If you happen to drive by here, plug your nose.


  1. HA! our trash can smelled the funkiest it's smelled since my little one was in diapers. Due to the holiday, it sat 2 days longer than usual, and I HAD to keep it outside as well. However, WE don't have 100 degree weather yet.

  2. Oh, I am so sorry for your smelly house. Only a few more days to go now. Maybe you can find those nose plugs that kids sometimes use for swimming.

  3. Ohh, I hate those weeks when we miss the garbage guys. Sending sympathy...with my nose plugged :)

  4. Our trash is very stinky especially when it gets hot out in the summer. And to make matters worse.... my husband in some bizarre fight with the trash company decided to start taking the trash to the dumps himself. I mean its right next to his base why not? Heres my beef with that logic... he's never home. So its me lugging stinky trash with diapers and lord knows whatever else in it to and fro having to smell it.

    I smell your pain!

  5. ha ha ha! I'm laughing at what Trying said "I smell your pain!"

    Sorry to hear about your stinky situation! Hope Wednesday gets here quickly!

    Happy POW!

  6. oh how i hate vacation ruining a good trash day!! soo sorry for the stink - want me to send some air freshener?

    happy friday and happy POW!

  7. smelling your pain all the way over here. You gotta know your neighbors are talking about you and your smelly trash. I have heard the trash man coming down the street and jumped out of the shower and ran down there with a towel on my head and my robe on. I'm serious about trash that way. Good luck, it won't be long!

    happy pow!

  8. Oh I hate that! Our trash guys change pick-up time every month--April's pic-up time was 7:05 am and May was 4:15 pm.
    No rhyme or reason--maybe someone will run over a skunk to kill the smell ;)
    Happy POW

  9. Sorry--the 'MIKE' is me--once again my husband signed into my computer :(