Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hunter- Future pilot?

Hunter got to go in the cockpit on the plane after we landed in Des Moines. He was too shy to actually get too far in, so I barely got a chance to get this picture. When we were waiting in Denver for our connecting flight to Des Moines, the pilot came by to board the plane and saw Hunter and asked if he'd like to go up there. I was shocked that it was even a possibility. I didn't know they even did that anymore. On our flight back home, from Denver to Phoenix, I wondered if they had let some other 3-year-old kid take a look, and even fly the plane, it was the bumpiest flight I've ever been on. I think Seth was white knuckled from hanging on to the armrests! (Note the newspapers right next to where Hunter is, I guess you can fly a plane and read the paper at the same time!)
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