Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feeling left out....

Today was an extremely day in our house. Since Seth's mom was coming to babysit on Saturday morning and our house was a cross between a movie theater (floors that sticky) and a trash heap, I stayed up until 11:30 Friday night to get it cleaned up. I started around 6:00 ish. No use cleaning too much before Rylie goes to bed. I at least got the vaccuuming done, put her to bed, and then really got started cleaning . I think it had been over two weeks since we Seth had mopped the floors (you know it's got to be bad if I resort to mopping).

So anyway I have been really lazy today, all my dishes are done, I barely cooked, and we just vegged out pretty much the whole day. I have been trying to get a handle on this blog addiction I have. I guess in a way it's really a computer in general addiction. SO I have tried to limit my computer time.

I did check in on Twitter some today. And it seemed that everyone is twittering about this follower thing on blogger. Here's where I am feeling left out. It's not available for me yet. It seems like it's on almost every blog I read except mine. Is this a conspiracy by blogger to drive me even more crazy? I started wondering how they decided to introduce this thing. On my page it says it's not available to everyone cause it's just experimental. So how did they decide who get's it? Maybe they go by how many readers you have? So now I think I don't have enough readers. Which leads me to "I'm not cool enough", which leads me to being sad that I'm not cool enough. Which then makes me think that maybe it's all because I haven't blogged much this past week. And because of trying to stay away, I forgot Top 5 Tuesday, and so now I probably lost my last 12 readers cause they think I abandoned them.

So now you know...I'm paranoid...with an imagination.


  1. I hate that you're feeling left out! I'm so sorry! I can promise you though that it's not based on the number of readers because I am 1000% sure u have more fans than I do & I have the new thingy, so at least there's that! Hopefully they will get their act together soon & let you in on it!

  2. If it makes you feel better...they haven't let me sit at the cool table either.
    I get the experimental thingy too.
    On some blogs it won't even let me be a follower.
    Now that is really pathetic!

  3. Left out! NEVER! And as far as Twitter, my overall computer addiction has led me to not even check it out at all!

    I'm going to email you - I have an idea for Top 5 Tuesday. Well, had. Just need to remember that great idea that crossed my mind last week.

  4. I don't have it either honey. Sorry you're feeling down.

    Hey, it's not an addiction it is the recording of your family events for your posterity. Well that's what I call it and it makes me feel better!!

  5. I hate feeling let out, too!

    I've got the follower thing, but no followers...that's pretty bad, right?

    I'm not even on twitter, so I'm really left out!

  6. Company is really the only thing that gets me off my butt to deep clean. Then after they leave I can sit back and enjoy not having anything on my To Do list! I really should have company over more often.