Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little bitta....

I was sitting here (ok, not really, more like thinking all day) wondering about what I was going to blog about. I have many things to say, but I just can't seem to organize my thoughts at this point. So I'm going to go with a little bitta randomness.

*When I was writing my post about personal responsibility I decided to take a big chance and wrote a letter to Dave Ramsey's company. They have agreed to send me a Total Money Makeover book to giveaway, so be looking for it in the next few weeks.

*I had a bunch of time to listen to talk radio today. You have to know I was listening to Dave Ramsey. He has a plan outlined on his website all about cleaning up the economy. It makes a ton of sense and could save billions of dollars. Go check it out here, you can read it or listen to the podcast, and there are links to help you get in touch with your representative, congressmen, and senators.

*Rylie counts to 3 and says "go". It's pretty cute. You really can't understand, but the go is pretty obvious.

*I have been starting to get a little worried about possibly moving. Mostly because of all of the unknown factors at this point. I hate the unknown. I fear the unknown. I need to embrace the possibilities, but my OCD makes it difficult.

*I was going to attempt to do a mock giveaway with a weird pair of shoes. It is actually one of those weird customer stories and I have sort of given up on it. Long story, but basically this customer gave me a pair of women's size 9 brown shoes that are for someone who's diabetic. Can you say ewwwwww? I think they were brand new, but the insoles had footprints......yep, just weird.

*I already have next weeks Top 5 Tuesday topic. Are you dying to know? Ok, I figured I'd put it out there now so you can have some time with it, since I'm pretty sure it would be a great one to go into detail with. So, I want to know.....Who are the top 5 most influential people in your life? Who has helped define who you are, and why?

And last but not least, Krystyn made me a little award to give away.

I figured that since my blog appears to be all about parenting (Supernanny anyone?), and I just love hearing other people's stories about things their kids do (with complete adult supervision, of course), I wanted to let people know how just much I love it, and appreciate knowing I'm not alone in my adventures. I wanted to call it the Momuntal act of Brevity award, but I think that should belong to McMommy, don't you? Instead I went with Parenting with Style.

No rules, just pass it on to people who you think are the absolute best parents they can be, given the children they have.

So here are my wonderful recipients:

1. My most favorite parent out there: she has many awards, is a great asset to the blogging community, and is almost famous for her Bad Parenting Chronicles. She's the one who actually inspired me to make an award. The lovely Carol.

2. Rachael from Mommy Learns to Blog. I can tell from her stories of MH that this girl is going to be such a little sweetheart when she grows up. I can also tell just how much she loves her daughter, it oozes from her posts, and makes me think differently about my kids when they are driving me insane.

3. Amanda from Lifelong Playdate is one very awesome momma. I love that whenever I read her blog it takes me back to when Hunter was a baby and I was a new mom experiencing all of those firsts. And really, who can forget that she locked her precious and oh so cute Beans in the car? She's got this mom thing down. She may not be THAT mom yet, but she's on her way!

4. Kristen over at Loving Our Simple Life is another mom that I just LOVE. We're both from the Midwest, and we both live in AZ. Plus, we both like Midwest meat enough to get our hands on it anyway we can. Her blog title says it all, she loves her simple life, and you can just see how at peace she is with all of the awesome pictures of her beautiful children. I wish my life were that simple.

Ok, that's everyone for now. I have so many more people who deserve this award, but if I give them all away, then there won't be any to pass around later......


  1. Love the random thoughts. The shoes...not so much! That's sort of yucky!

    Glad you like the award. Congrats to all of your winners!

  2. awww honey thank you :)

    especially for highlighting my favorite mommy moment ever - tee hee!

    seriously super special award friend, thank you, thank you!!

  3. Oh I love love love it!! How beautiful is your little award.

    Thank you so much for thinking of little ole me. :) With a day like I had today I totally needed this!

    Sorry I have been a little MIA recently. I think my new title should be surviving our simple life. UGH!

  4. Love random thoughts, love 'em!

    And the shoes thing...yuck!

  5. Dana I think this is my fave award yet. Especially cos it is from you.

    Thanks honey.

  6. Love the little bitta . . .
    And LOVE the award!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I am honored to be among the other recipients!
    And thank you for such kind comments about my blog and love for MH. I think you're a pretty great mom yourself!

    Hmmm, you should put those shoes on Ebay and see what happens with them? Interesting giveway - diabetic shoes????