Monday, September 8, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday

It's another edition of Top 5 Tuesday! I completely forgot last week, sorry to all of you who regularly participate! I think the holiday just threw me off in a big way, and I think it's still affecting me (well, that and my cell phone is on CRACK! That's a whole other post coming soon). Shout out to Rachael for this weeks topic!

So here are my answers:

1.) How long have you been blogging?

Well, according to my blogger account I've had my blog since June of 2007. But if you look back at my past posts, I really started blogging around April of this year, so those first 9 29 posts were just a warm up.

2.) Link to your first blog post ever?

Well, I'm going to cheat and do 2. My actual first post is here and my first real good post (IMO) is here.

3.)What is the one driving force that actually made you create that blog account?

My mother. She just can't get enough of all the stuff the kids are doing since she doesn't actually get to be here to see it. We have a website on that we all go to, and I am also part of an online moms group, and most of the time I opted out of participating because I didn't want to type an update and just copy/paste it somewhere else, but I also didn't have time to type everything twice. This way I only have type it once and then people can check in when they feel like it, or like some, they can subscribe by e-mail, or in their reader, or bookmark it.

4.)How did you come up with your blog name and what were other names you considered?

My original name was AZ Piper's, because I have some serious naming issues. Seriously, I had issues with my kids names too!!! At the time I didn't really know of the whole wide world of blogging, so I didn't really consider any other names. When the time came to do my blog makeover I asked for opinions, and I definitely had people come through with a lot of good ideas. I wound up doing an update post, and I had updated on this post which became my new blog title.

5.) Post a link to your favorite blog post ever. Hmm, that's a toughie. Let me think........I would definitely say my Penis Razor post was my absolute favorite, but I had to take it down for now. There were some references that I decided would be best not published. So after that one, I am going to have to say this post. It's really recent, and I think as I look back there are a lot of posts I absolutely loved, like this one, and this one, but it seems like there aren't very many that I've done really well. Everyone seems to like my post office stories.....but let's face it, I spend 6 days a week at that place so they just aren't my favorites.

I think this post gets the award for most linkage out of any of my posts thus far.

I can't wait to see everyone's answers!!!!


  1. I need to come back and do this one. After all it requires little thinking. Which is totaly where I am at today.

    You have followers now honey! Hope you're feeling special. I know I do!

  2. Nicely done Dana. I'd say more but I have to get Ciara up and dressed and get myself dressed in the next 10 NO TIME!

  3. Hmm..this one might require me to participate...but I'll have to think on it.

  4. Great questions - very fun to fill out, a nice little walk down memory lane. :) I'm quite disappointed that we can't ready your truly favorite post, I'm sure it was terrific!

  5. What a FANTASTIC idea for Top 5 Tuesday! LOL!

    This was a lot of fun - I hope lots and lots of people respond because I want to hear the answers, and of course read people's first blog posts and other faves too!

  6. And thanks for always hosting Top 5 Tuesday - I am in for the long haul!

  7. I never did read the penis razor story, and I always wanted to because I was curious! Bummer...
    Love this topic, and how the format switched up a little, always fun to have a little change!
    It was definitely fun going back through some old posts & picking out favorites, although I haven't been blogging nearly as long as most people, so I have no idea how they did it!