Monday, September 1, 2008

The weekend...

I spent this weekend being as unproductive as possible. Of course we worked on Saturday, so that night was just pretty much a normal work night. Sunday we decided to get out and do something. It was actually nice out, and not too hot, although it was really humid. We decided to go play some miniature golf.

We took both kids with us, I think that was our first mistake. I don't think Hunter gets it yet. He's great with a driver, he can smack the crap out of a golf ball. Our second mistake was not having enough foresight to bring an extra ball or two. Rylie insisted on holding a ball at all times. Hunter would hit his ball, then walk over and either immediately hit it again, or he would pick it up. He would also pick up any other ball that was there.

On about the 4th hole we had a guy and his son behind us and it was obvious that they would wind up waiting on us way too long, so we let them play through. We were on a hole where you had to put up a ramp, into a door that was sliding up and down, and the ball would come out on the side. The guy's son got his ball out there, but the dad's ball never came out.

I gave him one of our balls, since we obviously weren't playing by the rules anyway, and that way he wouldn't have to go back to ask for another ball. I think it all would have been fine, since the next hole Seth decided he would sit it out. Hunter refused to use his own putter that we had brought for him, so that meant one of us (me) was using it. Rylie was wandering, so Seth figured it would be ok to just let me and Hunter play, and he would watch Rylie. That worked for one hole.

The next hole was a lighthouse. You had to putt it over a bridge into the one open door of the lighthouse, if it fell off the side of the bridge it would go through a different hole. Hunter of course had to just go up and put his ball (by carrying it right up there) through the door. It never came out where it was supposed to. I decided to drop my ball in to see if it would just push his ball through, and that was it. We lost 3 balls in 6 holes....of miniature golf!!!!

We decided it was a sign, so I went to see if we could get our money back or a voucher for next time. Seth took the kids inside while I was doing that, and Rylie had gotten ahold of my camera. I got inside, met up with them and we left to go to the mall.

At the mall there were about 8 million people. We went through one store, then on to the food court, spent way too much on lunch that barely got eaten. Then hit the bathrooms, and left to go home. As soon as we got home and unloaded, I went to get my camera so I could upload the pictures. No camera! It got left at the mini-golf place. I was pissed. It was partially my fault, and mostly just an accident. I got on the phone and called to see if I could find out if anyone turned it in. No answer. I left a message and called 4 more times to see if there was a way around the answering service, with no luck. So I had a quandry, forget about my handy little $200 digital camera, and hope hubby will let me buy a new one in the next month, or drive the 12 miles back over there on the really off chance that someone out there is as honest as I am.

I drove back. There were a million people there, the parking lot was completely full, overflowing really. The park is a 2 part park, one is mini-golf and games, and the other part is a water park. I guess the water park had a radio station there, so that explains part of why it was so busy.

I drove past the usual parking lot, and lo and behold there was a space open right next to the door! I went in, and to my amazement, someone had found my camera and turned it in!!!! So it wasn't a wasted trip, and I have these pictures to share.

Today was spent being exceptionally lazy. So lazy I barely caught up on my reader. I barely commented. I barely found time or energy to post this. I'm going to apologize in advance to all of my bloggy friends out there because I know that in this next few weeks I'm going to be really busy, so I will only be trying to keep up my own blog, and if I don't get around to comment on your posts, know that I am reading, but I just have to limit my time on the computer to be able to accomplish everything I've got to do. I hope you'll understand (I'm pretty sure you do).

And now I'm going to go to bed and hopefully I'll be asleep within minutes.


  1. Hope you managed to get huge amounts of sleep.

    SO glad you found your camera. I hate losing stuff like that.

    MY kids SO don't get mini golf either.

  2. You were brave to tackle that! What a learning experience!

    And, I'm soooo glad that somebody was honest enough to turn in your camera.

  3. Hope you got some sleep. :-)

    I can't imagine being without my camera. I think I'd rather be without my cell phone! It restores my faith in humanity that someone was honest enough to return yours.

  4. Both my kids would think the clubs are some sort of awesome sword that we are finally letting them play with.

    Good times~