Monday, September 15, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday

It's been a rough few days. (Well, ok, Saturday was long, Sunday was extremely lazy, and today was very long). I almost forgot this again.

This week's Top 5 Tuesday topic:

You get to pick. List 5 of your favorite blogs, pet peeves, best moments, whatever you happen to be thinking of, just list it. Of course you have to include details on why it's in your top 5.

Top 5 random thoughts in my head right now.

1.It's Monday- that should just say it all right there. I'm tired, and I'll probably end up dreaming about work tonight (which is what I do when I have to learn a new route.....I'm not learning a new one, but mine has drastic delivery changes right now.)

2. I have so much going on I can't keep my head straight. I'm thinking that if I can't keep up with one blog, how would I ever keep up with 2? Also, I really need to clean my house, and it's at the point of distraction.

3. Last week I made a really big mistake at work (ok, not that bad, but I can't believe I did it), never got in trouble, and finally corrected it on Saturday, but I am still pretty mad about the management not really doing anything about it.

4. I was supposed to go to a mom's group thing tonight with my neighbor, but I worked later than usual, and then Rylie threw up on me 2 times.

5. I've been starting to exercise a little lately, and I'm going to try to really cut back on my Dr. Pepper addiction, which I know is going to cause some major headaches, but it will be worth it if I can get rid of the belly.

So let me hear whatever random top 5 you wish to write about this week. And even if you're late, still come over and link up, no matter what day it is (or, even if you want to do last weeks).


  1. Funny that I happened to do a random top 5 last night. I guess that saves me from trying to find the time to write another post this morning.

  2. Aww sweetie, look at it this way, your week can only get better from here! I like this week's top 5 - I can definitely do it! Immediately!

  3. Threw up on you twice, huh. Hope it's getting better~

  4. Hope Rylie's doing better - and yeah Dr. Pepper addictions can get, well rather addictive. It's my favorite soda and the hardest to say no to sometimes.

    BTW, not to bum you out more but the Mr. Linkies has a lot of links to last weeks Top 5 Tuesday which confused me to no end... But mine are both up and running I guess :)

    Hope you have a good day.

  5. Looks like you figured out the Mr. Linkies thing, too. I re-linked. :)

  6. Oh, poor thing. You got throw up on you twice. That's so not cool.

    I did last weeks today.

    And, I'm not a soda person, but I hear Diet Dr. Pepper is really good.