Monday, September 22, 2008

Top 5 Tuesday

Who's ready for another edition of Top 5 Tuesday?

With a little help from Krystyn this week.....I had her make me a really cool new badge that you can copy and use on your blog. I don't know how to do the little code box yet, but hopefully I'll figure that out soon. You ready? Here it is!

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And for this weeks topic, thanks to Jen at Momma Blogs Alot...What are your top 5 favorite or least favorite things about where you are currently living?

I decided for my Top 5 I would choose my favorite things about the Phoenix area.

My creation

1. I like that it's warm all year. I wanted to move here because I really hate cold weather, and if we move, that is probably going to be the thing I miss the most.

2. I like the views. We live close to Superstition Mountain, and see it every day. We also have views of the San Tan Mountains, and Four Peaks.

3. Since I started golfing last year I'm loving all of the golf courses around here. Another reason I wanted to move here was my ambition to go to school and become a landscape architect....but life happens.

4. Boston Market. At last check Iowa didn't have any. Our closest one is in Tempe, and I will occasionally drive 25 minutes there (usually during rush hour) just to get some of their awesome turkey and mashed potatoes.

5. Last but not least, the monsoon storms. I love it when they come up out of nowhere. I love the smell in the air after the rain, you won't experience it anywhere else.

Now it's your turn! I wanna know. And as always if you don't have a blog feel free to leave your top 5 in the comments. And if you do blog, make sure you link up!


  1. Your town sounds great and those pictures are beautiful! :)

  2. This one really made me think! Good job, Jen!

  3. Emailed you a little hint! And, I'm jealous! It sounds fabulous there:)

  4. Hello from BATW! I'm also living in PHX. Have you been to the Children's Museum yet? It's super fun.