Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Accident

Here's how it went down.

I was talking to my Aunt about very important stuff while the kids were in the bathtub. (very nonmomish of me, but really sometimes we do have to multitask)

I got Rylie out of the tub and her diaper on while she squirmed like crazy.

I go back to get Hunter (um, yeah, my 3 year old is really not going to drown in 5 inches of water while I'm literally 10 feet away, because he's way too smart to put his face under water), and I find him throwing water out of the tub by the cup full (it looked like he was trying to bail water out of a boat). I told him to stop, but he continued, thinking "oh she's on the phone, I won't get in trouble". So I pulled him out of the bath and put his ho around him. By the time I pulled him out of the tub, the rug in the bathroom was soaking wet, which I didn't notice. (Have I mentioned our entire house is ceramic tile, except for the bedrooms and living room?) I guess when Hunter left the rug, his feet were still really wet. Instead of just crossing the hallway to his room, he went towards the living room, and on his way he slipped. All I heard was the thunk, and then him screaming. Seth picked him up and he was already bleeding from the mouth.

See, when I wrapped his ho around him, his arms were all tucked inside, so he couldn't catch himself when he fell. He was bleeding from his upper lip so bad it left a little trail of blood all the way to the kitchen. I sat him down on my lap and tried to calm him down as I was also trying to stop the bleeding. We must have sat there for at least 10 minutes. Finally I gave him a little piece of gauze rolled up to shove up under his lip, just like the dentist.

The poor kid looks like he got in a huge fight. I can't wait to see what it will look like tomorrow.

So sorry auntie, I really did have to get off the phone right then, (I'll call you tomorrow night, same time, K?)


  1. Dana I have to admit to experiencing the very same thing but with Eli when he was about 18 months old (so that makes my case neglectful cos he was really still a baby) I wrapped him up with his arms tucked in so he'd waddle like a penguin. I thought he'd get a huge kick out of it considering his penguin obsession.

    Well he did right up to the point where he lost his footing and couldn't soften his fall with his arms. I alomst reported myself to social services I felt so bad.

  2. our boys could be twins today... but mine is 9. He took a baseball off his lip at baseball practice.

    And the sweet thing about your post... it reminded me that boys pretty much stay the same... just housed in bigger bodies.

    He came right home, crawled into bed with me (where I was resting because all 4 boys were gone for practice)... and he asked me to just give 'him something for it to make the "air" go out of his lip so it wouldn't be so big and hurting!"

    I had the same feeling in my tummy that I had when they were little and got hurt, and there wasn't much I could do... so maybe he's not the only one that hasn't changed much.

    ps... good picture.
    I wonder what they'll look like tomorrow.

    AJ's not much for keeping ice on his lip to keep swelling down, but he sucked on the popsicle and was pretty perky about getting to have 2. *grin*

  3. Poor Hunter! He looks so pitiful in that picture! You'll have to post one of what he looks like now.