Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Amazing Dog Rescue

I was having one of those days. Time was dragging along. I started work early, but I couldn't seem to find what I was looking for all morning (even my vehicle keys were missing). I was amazed that I still got out to my route by 10:45.

The beginning of my route is all boxes where I have to get out and the box is on the other side of the sidewalk. So I was on my second street, and as I got out to put the mail in the box, I noticed a little dog walking up to me. I slowly turned around to get back in the vehicle, because who knows when a dog is going to bite, even the little calm looking ones. So I sat down and I was going to pull away and the little dog walked up and stuck his face in the door. I didn't want to go because the dog was so close, so I sat there to see what he would do. I didn't think to close the door. He actually got in my vehicle, and parked it behind my seat. This has never happened to me before and I didn't really know what to do.

The first thing I did was take a picture with my phone. I always carry my camera with me, but I didn't have it today. Then I called Seth. He laughed and said "take a picture with your phone", I said"I did that already". So now what? He didn't know. I couldn't get him to come out, and he was panting. I went up to the house I was in front of and knocked but no one came. So I went back one house (to the one on the corner) and knocked. The guy came to the door and I knew they had dogs, so I asked if one was missing, he said no, but he'd look to see if he recognized it. This guy lives on the West corner, and there are houses across the street to the South, but to the East is a school, and to the North on both sides (E&W) is vacant lots for new construction.

Anyway, as we were walking back to my truck the lady from next door was walking down to get her mail and I asked if it was her dog. We looked in and he had gotten out of the truck, and was sniffing around the house to the West of the lady's house. But then that quick he came back and jumped back in. It wasn't the lady's dog, and neither one of them recognized it so they left me there with the dog to figure out what to do.

Did I mention that it was 8,000 degrees today? I think the high was predicted to be like 102 or something. This poor dog looked like he'd been wandering for awhile, and there was no collar. I tried to give him some of my water, but I didn't have anything to put it in. So I finally decided to take the dog home (since I'm only about 2 miles from home) and put him in the backyard, he seemed really nice, and thirsty, I figured I could get him some water at least.

Since Seth's route is between my route and home I thought I would stop and show him the dog. As I was driving up to the box he was delivering (a set of boxes) there was a poster on the side.

I could tell right away it was a lost dog poster. so I get up there and the picture looks a lot like this dog. I called the number and said "I think I have your dog".

Turns out, the people lived on Seth's route. How weird is that? The place I picked up the dog was about a mile East (across one major street) and another mile North of were the people lived. In doggy distance that's a long way. They said he had come up missing last night, and they had put up the signs about 20 mins before I called.

They were so happy to see their dog, I can't even tell you. I have never had anything like this happen to me. It definately made my week.

Here's a picture of my little hitchiker.


  1. sweet little hitch-hiker :)

    and sweet little hero you!!

  2. Not only is he a little cutie, but what a feel-good story! With everything you COULD'T find today, you were definitely meant to find him!

  3. Oh, you are the best!! You have certainly done your good deed for the week...month even! Poor little dog must have been so tired, thirsty, hot, hungry!

  4. What a good deed! That doggy knew who to go to for help!

  5. How uncanny! I love it when things like that happen. And, boy, is that a cute pup!

  6. Ohhh this little story made me want to cry cry cry!!! I LOVE dogs...If I see a dog on the street without an owner in sight, I'll stop in a second!! You are such a good-hearted soul. I hope, that in my next life (not that I believe in that stuff) if I were a dog, you'd stop for me too...

    Reuniting a canine with his family?!! SERIOUSLY?!?! You're done for the year, my friend...You can just stay inside....No more good deeds for you.

  7. Just me again...stopping by to say Happy POW! :)