Saturday, June 14, 2008

Supernanny, Where are you?

I'm thinking of putting my 2 children and the cat up for adoption. Is this too drastic?

Today was a little piece of absolute insaneness (is that a word, cause I'm making it one)

Work is bad enough. Coming home is worse somedays.

Things that drove me crazy today:

8:15 am-Cleaning up cat poop off of Hunter's anywhere chair (for the 2nd time this week, thank goodnes it's washable).

1:35 pm- The 1st 5 minutes I was home from work I got to hear "I want to go swimming" about, oh, I don't know, maybe 30,000,000 times. And that was even after I said we would be going as soon as I got some lunch.

Also in that 5 mins I got to listen to Rylie whining and climbing up my legs. My guess is that she was hungry too, since she ate about half of my lunch (Hunter ate the other half, after he said he wasn't hungry)

2:30 pm- We went swimming, but it seems that Rylie is deathly afraid of the pool, if you get her near it she clings for dear life.

4:15-6:30pm- Hunter being on time out about 50 times (I'm starting to think I need to come up with something else).

5:30-5:50pm- Searching everywhere for the cat (literally) for 20 mins just to find out that she likes it under the armoire in the bedroom. I wonder why?

6:30 pm-Getting Hunter to sit down for dinner, after picking up all of Rylie's food off the floor, (because it just tastes better with floor scum on it)

6:32 pm- Hunter getting up from not touching his dinner, and promptly telling me "Mommy, kitty's poopie" and seeing her in the middle of pooping on my couch (of course as I'm getting my own plate of food, loss of appetite anyone?)

7:15 pm-8:00 pm- Coming home from Wal-Mart (which I was superbly dressed for by the way, I really did fit in) and trying to clean the couch with 2 kids trying to get the spray bottle, climbing on everything, knocking over the lamp.

8:30 pm- Deciding Hunter was being a little too quiet, and finding him standing on a chair next to the fishtank with an empty bottle of fish food (which was previously full). And yes, the food was all in the tank.

This was the point of the "I've had it" moment, and just as quickly, both kids were in bed for the night. If I had known they would go down as easily as they did, I would have put them in bed about 2 hours earlier.

Anyone have the number for Supernanny, and does she do cats too?


  1. I feel for you, days like that suck!! But I found your suffering slightly amusing...sorry! Hope today is better.

  2. Blech! Hope things got better from there!

  3. Oh Dana, I am sending you a virtual margarita and clinking glasses with you. MH has had quite a week too and NOTHING seems to phase her when it comes to punishment. The topper today came when she threw such a fit in her bed about taking a nap (she was soooo tired) that she made herself puke. Fun stuff - and I've only got one and no pets. I'm sending some hugs (and xanax) your way sweetie!