Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The case of the dislexic clerk

Yesterday I brought some mail to my supervisor.

It was in the "Hot Case" (where we get mail as we walk out the door, so it really should be accurate).

It was for another route.

I had already given back the same exact pieces to the clerk to rethrow once.

My supervisor's response was "Well, where's your yellow card that says "not 31" on it?"

Since I didn't use it then it must be my own fault that I've gotten the mail back again, not because the clerk doesn't know what he/she is doing.

So today I had a whole stack of mail that wasn't mine.

I dug out my little yellow cards. They look like this.....(we are very high tech)

I placed one on each stack (2) of mail that wasn't mine with a rubberband.

I later went to the letter case and found 1 letter that was correctly given to my route, and about 8 things from the stack I had previously returned (with the card). And, I also received one of my yellow cards back.

So I went to the supervisor, and let him know about the situation. He took the mail and the card.

About 5 minutes later one of my co-workers came over. He knew of my conversation of the day before.

He had my other card.
The other one that said "not 31".He was thinking he should put his "not 13" card with it and give it back to them.
**You'll have to forgive me if this isn't funny to you at all. At this point in time I have to find something to laugh about there or I will either get myself fired, or quit.**

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