Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How to eat a corn dog

A few years ago (before we had kids) we lived far away from work (at least 30 mins).

We were responsible and frugal, so we carpooled everyday.

Our house was brand new and there was nothing around for miles, not even a gas station.

One day we stopped at the store by work and got our groceries and since it was about lunchtime we got something from the deli.

I don't remember what I got, but Seth got a corn dog.
He was driving (he always drives) and eating his corn dog.
About halfway through he hands it to me and says "I can't eat anymore, throw it away."
I said "Seriously, you only ate down to the stick?"
He said, "Well, I don't want to mess with eating around the stick, I'm driving."
So I said "Why don't you just push it up?"

Now imagine that lightbulb turning on, cause that's exactly what it was like.

We must have laughed the whole way home after that. And like a good wife I still remind him how to eat a corn dog, (although, I'm not even sure he's had one since then)


  1. That's cute. I'm sure he's thrilled that you're telling the whole world that he couldn't drive and eat a corn dog at the same time!