Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We saw this guy...

We went to the mall the other day.

We saw this guy.

Well, I saw this guy (because I just notice things/people).

I couldn't look away, it was like a train wreck.

I pointed him out to Seth.

He laughed too.

I can't tell you how close I was to pulling out my camera.

I had it in my hand.

I hesitated.

This guy could've just... went off... if he saw me taking his picture.

I tried to think of a way to make a picture.

I will have to describe it to you (to the best of my ability).


Guy in his late 30's or early 40's.

Reddish (I think) hair, balding with a buzz cut. No trace of any sun exposure.

Kind of nerdy looking, but no glasses (why do all the pictures of nerds have to have glasses?).

Kind of made me think of those guys in high school that really liked heavy metal bands, and never showered.

Probably about 5'9 or so, and 115 lbs, really skinny legs.

Wearing a black t-shirt that was pretty worn (it was probably a really old Metallica shirt, but I didn't want to get that close).

Black leather pants (remember the really skinny legs). Leather pants are supposed to be tight right? Well, his weren't.

Black....um,.....leather or vinyl?.....boots (laced up) up to his knees, that had about a 6 inch platform on the soles.

And did I mention the really skinny legs? They looked nonexistant in those boots!

Got the picture yet?

I hope so, because no amount of photoshop could recreate that.

If I see this guy the next time I go to the mall, I will definately take his picture, hopefully without him seeing me.

If you're in a store before then, and you happen to see the cover of the July-August issue of Psychology Today, there's a woman on the cover wearing almost the exact same boots, it's hilarious!
(It's not on the website yet, it's still the June issue, but I delivered one on Friday I think.)

Well, I found a picture of some similar boots...

Does that help?


  1. it helps. in fact i now can't get this guy out of my head!!

    thanks :)

  2. it was all 'okay 'until I remembered he's late thirties, early forties.

    fashion sense doesn't always have 'sense', does it?!