Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

This morning Rylie was up bright and early. Once the boys got up we started talking about what to do today.
We had taken Hunter to see Iron Man on Thursday (yeah, we're bad parents PG-13). So today we decided to take both of them to see Kung Fu Panda.

Can I just say, 14 month old+movie in a theater = not good.

We got there as the previews were starting, and being a Sunday it was pretty full and our only choice was to sit closer to the front. At first Rylie seemed to be interested, but about 15 minutes into the movie she started squirming (and of course talking). I got up and took her out, spent way too much money at the snack bar, and brought the guys back some popcorn, a pretzel, and a drink. She sat for about another 10 mins until she started squirming again. I took her out again. No snack bar this time, just took her. We went back in a few minutes later, I kind of thought she should be getting tired, maybe I could rock her and get her to fall asleep. No such luck. All together I probably spent over half of the movie in the lobby not watching the movie.

And the little angel finally did fall asleep on the way back home.

Later on after Rylie woke up from her nap, we went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History, aka the Mesa Southwest Museum. This was actually only the second time we've been to any of the museums around here. In the 10 years we've lived here, the only places we've been to are the Phoenix Zoo, and the Air Force Museum. I think we will be trying to get out more to see some of the things around here. We had a lot of fun today.

The outside of the museum in downtown Mesa.

Hunter and Seth checking out the dinosaur statue, Hunter looked like he wanted to climb up on it, but it was so hot it would have melted his skin off.

One of the cool dinosaurs.

Another dinosaur, they had him set up to move his head and mouth. There was a whole mountain scene with different dinosaurs, and a waterfall that flash flooded every little bit.

The waterfall during the "flash flood" which only lasted about 2 minutes, but was pretty cool.

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