Monday, June 30, 2008

The Case of the Missing Bathing Suit

Anyone seen Ladybug's bathing suit?
It's pink, with yellow trim, one piece, with nemo on it.
Well, I haven't seen it either.
I think it's been since last Thursday.
Of course tonight was the first night for Ladybug's swimming lessons.
We had to make an emergency dash over to L's house to get one.
Thank goodness that K has tons of clothes, bathing suits and shoes to hand down, or I may have had to go buy one.
I have looked everywhere.
We went swimming at L's last, and I was sure it got put in our bag along with the towel.
And do you know how hard it is to look over every square inch of your house without telling your 3 year old swimming addict what you're looking for?
Yes, that's right.
I'm that kind of mother.
The one who enrolls one child at a time in swimming lessons, so the other one has to sit at home and be left out.
I'm still learning at this parenting thing okay?
If I had known that I would be listening to Spidey scream and whine for an hour after we got home about wanting to go to AJ's pool (actually the AJ Pool), I would have asked his grandma to go to swimming lessons with us so they could do it at the same time.
Or I would have taken the time to dry off and change clothes and keep lying to him about where we went.
Spidey will get his turn, in 2 weeks.
I can't wait.
I really hope he can survive the next 2 weeks.
I also hope that I can find Ladybug's bathing suit.
I'm sure it will turn up...probably at the end of the summer.


  1. Awww, poor Spidey! I'm sure he'll continue to whine until it's his turn, but maybe you can bribe him with something else that he loves until then?
    Good luck finding the suit!

  2. hope you find the bathing suit. it amazes me how we can lose them though. I always say it is the washing machine monster that ate it!
    Thanks for visiting our world!