Monday, June 23, 2008


I thought I would throw out some updates on past posts, cause something made me think it would be relevent, and hopefully entertaining.

I think I did okay without Supernanny. I'm pretty sure I was having work stress carryover, making it seem really out of control. (Hey, maybe the title of that post should be my new blog title...)

The cat seems to be fixed (knock on wood). Now the only problem is that Hunter keeps taking her into our bathroom and saying she has to go potty, or puts her in the shower with him and closes the doors so she can't get out. He would spend all day in there with her if he could. And we're still not sure we have the right name. We've thought about "Hey Stupid" instead.

Hunter's fat lip was much better the next day after the accident.

The dislexic clerk is still dislexic. I look forward to his days off.

Our house smells so much better. The trash got picked up that next week, (of course they didn't come nearly as early) and right this second it's completely full again, but luckily only one more day till trash day.

We have a trip to Disneyland in October. We're thinking of buying the plane tickets for Seth's mom, and Olivia, and letting them take Rylie, since she's free, and then we could drive the grocery getter, with Hunter and not have to worry about things like this happening.

And for my Real life....I got a major cleaning bug on Friday night, and my house still looks fabulous today with only minimal effort! And the kitchen really is my favorite room in the house (now that I can see it). W redid the whole thing (well, really the whole house) after we moved in. It had white appliances, white countertops, a broken leaky dishwasher, stainless steel sink, very light cabinets, and white tile that was laid on top of linoleum.

What's that?

You want to see what it looked like before?

Well, Ok, you talked me into it, here's a before picture...If you click on it you can see all the pictures in the web album, before and after's.

I even got rid of the huge desk in Rylie's room, and now she's got room for toys so she can play!

Ok, I think that's it for the updates. Probably not really as entertaining as you'd hoped huh? But that has been my life lately.


  1. Love this post! What a great idea!!!

    Your neighbors must be thrilled that you no longer have the SHOTB (that would be Stinkiest House On the Block)!

  2. I actually really like the idea of using that post title for your blog. Better snatch it up before someone takes it.

    Great kitchen makeover!