Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Best Baby Tip You Ever Got......

Ok, we've really scared the heck out of Alex, so I thought we could share some really good tips for when she does have a baby, you know, sort of payback, to her and some of the other scared to death (and maybe even pregnant) ladies out there.

I'll start

*Buy some of those puppy training pads(make sure they have adhesive) put them on top of the matress pad, under the sheet, then do another layer on top of the sheet, and a sheet on top of that, so when you have one of those inevitable nights where there's leakage or other issues you can just take off the top layer and you'll already have clean sheets.

*Teething- There are these things called Teething Tablets by Hyland's, (they also have ones for colic) they are like baby crack. Seriously, they are goooooooood, and homeopathic.

ok, that's really all I can think of right now (sad isn't it), who else has one?


  1. Swaddle, swaddle and then swaddle some more!

  2. OK, I'll share some of the best things about being a mom:

    The sound of a baby belly laugh

    The way they look at you in a way they look at no one else.

    The feeling that you created this amazing little person

    The minute you meet them and try to contemplate the fact that moments ago this little being was inside of you with same hair and fingernails, now with a voice

    The smell of them after a bath

    Their cuddles, snuggles, and the facial expressions they make when they're sleeping.

    There are no better reasons NOT to become a mom@

  3. I meant that to read, with rewards like that, I couldn't imagine NOT wanting to be a mom.

  4. Oohh! Did you leave a comment on Alex's blog to let her know about this? You've got to...she's a planner, you know and doesn't want a baby until she knows all what to expect. Which is why I just love to tease her!

    My advice is...the Miracle Baby Blanket! This swaddling blanket is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!